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You put the captions at the top you get quite a few lines before you have to click the writer quite a few sentences before you can click the more meaning before your audience would have to actually take the action in war they're reducing that to only be again a smaller image only three lines of texts too basically about three sentences before the audience has to click to see more we all we're lazy okay we we going to scroll with our thumbs and we're kind of half watching we're watching TV were multitask and all over the place but that means that we don't want to actually take action to click see more so if you don't grab their attention if you are headline or if the the three lines of your copy doesn't really grab them they are swirling onto the next thing he kinda lost him so basically it's just saying we have to step up our game tell you about a few more changes your business page okay so you have your personal profile and your business page your business page it has some unique feature so not only do you can you do all of your advertising and see what your clients are like responding to a host get the most lights and so by doing that by looking at all those kind of back of the House statistics you know what to give your clients more up like maybe if you it's a picture of your SPA is get a lot more engagement rate or a picture of your treatment room does that get a lot more engagement than just stock photo rates meals see those things and then you know okay people wanna see more of the behind the scene so I should do more of that so the other thing is that the facebook you're busy snus page there's GonNa be a little bit of a dropdown menu and you can target certain groups so you can actually segment your groups of people Oh that watch so for example you might have people that have bought your services before and you put them so those are your current customers and then yet your potential Ryan's and you have them in two different groups so maybe if you're running a promotion for an advanced procedure or a touch up and you just want to show that promotion to a certain audience you just want to show that to new clients and you don't want your existing clients to be like that deal right something like that and you can actually just be a little drop down box you can click it and target certain audiences audiences are when you segment groups of people that actually watch your your videos okay so are you following that does that sound really good that's super exciting exciting yet people love pictures of your family yes and here's the thing so we're shy about putting that up right I know I am in a lot better especially since he's rewards meet by showing you memories of old pictures and then I'm like oh he's still my heart when I see my kids are little I mean they're still title but when I see when they were toddlers and Mike that makes me want to post more pictures of them just so that I'll see those memories down the road also in the fact that my phone is just get maxed out but yes when you post pictures of your family or of yourself that tends to get more engagement you can get so many comments that those are the things that we usually kind of shy away from or are hesitant to post like we're like oh it's not a good picture of me the or we think people don't WanNa see that actually do right so yes oh seeing what works and doing more of that down on what works okay so let me tell you if you haven't heard the big news on instagram this is one of the big changes so we just talked about the facebook algorithm how the look at it's also they've said that your host will get less reach yes it does feel like it's going down meaning that we're not getting as much exposure that we used to get our brands but again like I said that just means after this step it up and know that you're playing the long game right ah get rich thing it's about truly connecting with people and finding the right people that you went to work with so we talked about the facebook changes here's what's happened earning four instagram they are doing away with lakes so you won't see the likes on your post or the video used anymore so the reason that they decided to do this is because even were doing some crazy things for lights and so they also instagram started realize saying that people just sometimes give it a heart or just like it and there's not really any connection there and one of the things that Mark Zuckerberg the whole team have said is that they want more meaningful connections so a few years ago it was all about like facebook was also platform and they're trying to compete with Google and Youtube but now they've really changed it to more meaningful connections you have to get more Connett aches Oh let me just explain just a moment do you kind of understand how the algorithm works and Algorithm is like one of those mysterious like like I don't even know what Algorithm means so let me explain it for a moment so what happens is when you create a post whether it's a video or if it is just a post with Mike stock photo or before and after picture or anything like that when you create that host than a facebook does is an instagram what these platforms do is send it out to about two to three percent of your audience a small percentage maybe it's like ten percent of your audience meaning to people that follow you or your friends with the people that you are connected to so it's on your business page that's GonNa be will that like in follow you if it's on your personal profile that's going to be your friends your connections right so say a send it out and they Otis that out of one hundred percent that you get twenty people that respond to it right they're like wow that's a pretty good percent bridge so that means that people either liked it or they commented now of course on Instagram they can no longer live so that means I have to comment on it on the host right they have to actually write something down below so yes that happens then what happens next is say okay this is give interactions you're having with facebook and instagram the more advertisers they can have so the more money they could make right so here's the thing so no it to that small group of people it gets a lot of engagement than they show it to another like ten percent of your audience if it continues she get engagement in the continues to get interaction than those show it to a lot of people right and so have you ever noticed you have a post that you post a picture maybe it's a picture of your face or your family and then even like four days later it's still getting people that are commenting on it you're like that was days ago right so that is because instagram and book they're still showing it to more people because that hosts got a lot of comments yes so that's how that works right so it's interesting that when you have content that is good again means that we have to create more and more content that people want than they will show it to more people and here's the thing about that is this is where I'm going to bring back to video video as you know it's the most engagement video games the most engagement because it's like we're having a conversation right I'm reading your comments were going back and forth and so that should also be another reason to encourage you to do video so let me also tell you that this sadistic thirty nine percent of viewers are more likely to finish the video with subtitles I've written long that's why so the viewers thirty nine percent of them are usually more likely to finish if your video has subtitles and that's because most people when I'm seeing this percentage that eighty percent of people watch video if they're not watching it live remember most of the video use happen on the replay S. People Watch it in reply they don't catch video Ri- and therefore tons of watching you at work or while they're doing other things so they have the sound off so if you have some titles and there are some great apps there's Rab I think it's revved dot com a nice APP that you can use to subtitles on your video clip Oh Matic it's a really good one I think I believe for instagram one is called quick A. Q. U. I. C. C.'s incident a K. quick with twosies instead of K. at the end dot io and you can just google some other ones but those are a few of the ways to like subtitles on your videos so let so we said there's going to be no likes and you will not see the number of video views any war on instagram and here's the other bad news is that facebook is also saying that if your video or host or whatever you're creating is getting low engagement so your post is going this is still talking about instagram if the post gets low engagement they will move it from the explorer page okay so let me say that again if you create a post and it gets low engagement meaning Dan he bore not reacting to it they will remove it from the explorer page now remember explorer on Instagram is how your business gets found so when people type in a common word like microbe lady and or area and hopefully you use that hash tags that they can find your posts then your video would pop up or your post with pop up in the explorer area so that is no longer the case we can't rely on that and of course you know if you are using instagram than you do want to use the Hashtag because that is how your business it's found but you want to make sure that your hash tags are specific so you don't want to just have a general hashtag like micro blading you WanNa have it microwave heating and the name of your city were permanent maddox and the name of your State Yours I wanNa have your business name as a Hashtag now initially people are not searching or your business name but after they've discovered you and then they wanna see more post from you then you should have a few what we call branded hashtags and those would be with your name your business name or maybe like a signature service or something like that that you offer so you need to have those signature hashtags and then you when used the popular hashtags that are not too popular again like overly popular again abusing just micro blading alone or just I browse eyebrows probably has like five million hits right so if I million hits on eyebrows means that you're probably not going to be seen with that on that list that for most people most small businesses it is going to be that you need to use the civic hashtags so also let's talk about the thing about instagram is that instagram has the story feature which is huge facebook basically instagram copied that from snapchat back the stories basically that was instagram's and facebook's basically way to kind of get that audience and the stories feature is huge and in one of the reasons stories are so popular is because you heard a foam oh bomo is the fear of missing out because stories go away Ed right and that's what made snapchat so intriguing that if you didn't see it you missed it and so people are doing more stories in fact here's a quote from mark Berg which is the owner and founder of facebook and.

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