Ghana, Josie Al And Denver discussed on UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra


Really does help when you're promoting because it invest people into you a little bit more because they kind of get attached you as in Ghana free using God who has made talked to him rentable how well he speaks English and I think Josie Al always hurt him just a little bit and he would have been more loved by the fans if they could kind of have heard him communicating a bit more well by the fans but then he made that fucking cut was a bad put that on your list of Denver to watch I love early morning Matt how come how come good good what's it called I'll make sure I watch it I don't remember right up with the Great Rocky look the whole the all those story all the starring in it now listen I don't know but I got I got better at the plug in ten or fifteen minutes which I can never get back ten minutes Ooh I'm GonNa see the fucking job yep acting it out but I listened and it's not a Brazilian I fucking love the city of God yes Ramey great over reading during my fucking movie but I liked that she'd subtitled at all little said Yeah what else guys we we have we have one more interested to do we're going to talk to cody Crowley he's a boxer and he's fighting on five seventeen nine knockouts he's really good fighter and

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