Wrestling, China China And BJ discussed on UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra


Would say the one good thing about inactivity times that you're not so focused on an individual that you just pick it up new skills and tools and stuff like that. Can you talk about anything new. That might have changed since the last time we saw you any new skills that you think you've picked up these these guys messed up and let me take a year off to get better and Russell. No wrestling's gets better at my. Just get so much better like and it's not even like a I know it I'm going out there and competing with these. BJ Dj Guy. That I can feel like I know for fact my wrestling and BJ's gotten so much better And then it just you know just you know just trying to help out as much as possible but it was a little annoying. I was getting frustrated. But we we gotTA fight in DC. You know China China for out you know how long before the fight did lineker dropout and did you ever get a reason as to why he dropped. What was the reason he He suffered a Friday. Okay yeah he's starting Thursday supper

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