Republican Gov. Matt Bevin says he won’t contest results showing Democratic opponent winning Kentucky governor’s race


The Kentucky governor's race is over more than a week after election day I truly wish the Attorney General well as the next governor of the state as he assumes his responsibilities I truly do I love this state I love this country Republican governor Matt Bevin conceding a loss by less than half of one percent this follows today's re canvassing of votes from one hundred twenty counties across Kentucky when the voting was done the split between governor Bevin and the challenger democratic anybody here was only five thousand one hundred eighty six votes out of one point four million so the governor requested the re canvassing well just a short time ago the secretary of state Alison lender can Grimes announced that the re canvassing with all one hundred twenty counties reporting resulted in no change in the outcome of the electronics is Mike Tobin in the Lexington Bashir is not only the current state Attorney General is also the son of the former Kentucky

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