The big problem for small business? Finding qualified people to hire


Start today. Exploring feelings specifically how small business owners are feeling about the economy. They had a more positive. Take on the future Chur in October compared to September. That's according to a monthly survey from the National Federation of Independent Business responded said they are making capital investments and raising raising employee. Pay or at least planning to but their number one challenge finding qualified people to hire marketplace's Sabrina Benesch or has more on. That things are looking up at clean choice energy that we're hearing really optimistic about Where every now and the next eighteen months or more more Kate Kohler is chief staff at clean choice? It offers renewable energy sources. The company has thirty percent more employees than it did last year but she still has a dozen in positions to fill it is really the stiff competition and the candidates were interviewing or intervene at other firms is well nearly a quarter of businesses in the survey said. Their top concern was finding qualified. People either to grow the business or even just to maintain it. According to Joe Galvin Chief Research Officer for Advisory Advisory Firm Vestige. Chances Are you're higher replace. Some of you left your organization to go somewhere else to attract people clean choice. Energy is focusing on its green ethos off Every organization able to offer thirty percent of small firms said Dave increased compensation to attract workers Rebecca Hamilton co-ceo of WS Badger. It makes organic skincare products. She says the companies increased pay and benefits. We have an in house daycare center so we have flexible. WHOA hours? You know the onsite gym say Yoga classes on say Akito the NF Ibiza. Small businesses are paying for higher compensation with higher sales in savings things. Joseph Bruce Willis chief economist with consulting firm. RSM isn't sure sustainable. They're willing to offer more compensation but attended today. Were likely not to because of they slowing economy and a contraction and probably Bernie trains in other words. Small businesses can afford to fight over talent as long as consumers. Keep buying in New York. I'm Sabrina sure for

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