'I came, I saw, I conquered': Zlatan Ibrahimovic leaves LA Galaxy



Kings Latin. This was how he exited. I came I saw icon coach. Thank you L.. A. Galaxy for making me feel alive alive again to the galaxy. Fancy wanted Latin. I gave us lantern. You're welcome the story continues. Now go back to watching baseball. All these Latin Taylor sign off like that how we tell it to judges two years and mls well. I definitely thought it was improperly placed within that Bank of California stadium in that picture that blog hosted I found it interesting Adrian Stevie and Chaka that when you says Z.. Conquered major league soccer. I hit it is scored fifty goals in two years. Simply did your job. You won only one playoff game and everywheres lot win win. Talk Time and time again about being a winner in doing that. I just look at lunchtime on the field very few. If anyone thought he he would score twenty plus back bat seasons let alone fifty two and yet they really struggled doe while I look at it and say I think the galaxy are going to be better off in the sense that they're going to have player up front. That's going to be a little bit. More mobile is going to defend. The truth of the matter is a pressure still on the galaxy. Let's see to fill that void. How're you GONNA fill the void of fifty goals for me Adrian to answer? Your question is up there with David Beckham if not higher than David Beckham on bringing awareness to the league and what I mean by that is this person personality transcended sport. It got on mytalk shows that nobody major league soccer talkers. History had ever got there and I'll argue with anyone. He did more for the sport. David Beckham and a short term. And I know a lot of people internally. MLS has offices even the galaxy would almost re with that statement because he transcended not only sports but into pop culture. You you tell me how many MLS athlete. And I'm less players or coaches have done that in the past. It's zero if not one already. Lots of talk about who the galaxy you may turn to to fill Arava Lodge void. Well how Edison Cavani. He's been linked with a move to the galaxy when you look at his stats over the Gosh ten years. He's still only thirty. Two the Uruguay only six appearances in two goals this season of course but he has school school double digit goals. For as long as you can remember both in legal and and in Syria any reason to think he wouldn't do exactly what was attended Mall Mall. No listen either. It doesn't have the personality off the field. Lots on hard but Rano fifty two. He has the ability. Lati- GIMME number. How many goals would he school giving givens Latin goat? Whatever wherever you did? twenty-seven guys going fairly goals Collinsville set a record thirty four could he could he come in and challenge records steady. Two years of age is still a striker wall of football. That you talk about these strike Wolf football it could play in most teams. So He's getting felt he goes to seize and no danger. I'm I'm not absolutely suit in that. He gets as high as a TV does no question that Cavani is an incredible talent but I think more reliance servers than's Latin. I don't think he it kind of creates on your show Ebrahim do and as a result and looking at the galaxy and you wonder where that services is gonNA come from. I'm going to go twenty Tayla give me a number on Cavani while more important I think Cavani was scoring twenty goal but he asked from Miami. Yes for thirty million nets to come to Miami. So I'm not totally sure that's going to happen and I keep an eye on Luis Suarez. I think Suarez could be employed with the galaxy. I think they're gonNA make a run at them. They're gonNA throw out feelers but Suarez's keep in mind did did the deal for Nicholas Liberal to end up in Seattle. So I think Suarez does come to major league. Soccer is GonNa WanNa play with Nicholas Ladera. So how does that dynamic work. And I've got to bring up the name again. Teacher Reto This is the kind of move if you've got Carlos Villa at l.. AFC and you want to make a splash. A A bigger splash. I keep teacher Rita. They'd have to trade Chicago fire for the rights are not getting into that either here nor there but I keep an eye on those names I think the galaxy are going to try to make a splash with a little bit younger player than they did was locked on.

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