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Week we talk mobsters with Stephen. Graham one of the stars of Martin Scorsese's Roller Coaster Zarai through American history. The Irishman multi. Win Right. Okay so we'll do you WANNA do. This kid cost them and we braved the master of Disaster Roland Emmerich as he returns with world. War Two drama midway. I'm always drawn to kind of bigger ten versus you. Know a lots of I characters all this and the usual movie news views nonsense on the only movie podcast that considered re animating James Dean to Co host today but decided that that would be a fucking dreadful idea. Hello Paul I'm Helen O'Hara and welcomes the NPR podcast. Your usual host. Chris Hewitt is off on a well-earned steak. Haitian this week in glamorous London so I've stepped into the hosting hot seat and found it honestly unpleasantly warm as if someone's just left but I'm joined anyway by not not two not three but one colleague of such lethal coming in the shape of West Wing. Stand James Dyer which is nice. I guess entirely devoid of cutting Miss Week. Because I'm not sure how how useful I'm going to be having seen absolutely none of the films out this week. I do have a very good excuse. So my absence for the last two. PODCASTS was largely down to that I was trying to do interviews and write the cover feature for the new issue which gets depressed next week. I will not say what that is very very soon. And so I've been sort of in interviewing writing traveling. Hell as this sort of done but as a result of I haven't seen any of the fucking so I'm just GonNa be like. Oh so helen tell tell me about. The man is very Irish. Did you enjoy that spoiler. Not Irish enough but luckily for the listeners we have it she drafted in a help or a NATO. You Watch film nick to someone's going to join us a little bit later to talk about some of the films in review and I've seen some so at least we're we're basically made the Irishman so basically did it. He covered that so extensively. And of course you should have read. I'm trying to balance. You know I couldn't see Scorsese's the Irishman so I was captain marvel instead because I think that's what Marty would've wanted. Well let's hope so. It's it's been a busy week. I think it's fair to say and that's fine and we're just going to power through as best we can and deal with even watch all the shows as for pilot. But don't tell anyone. I'm pretty sure nobody heard that. I think it will be fine. But he's will obviously be very upset. Shall we have a question. Please don't make it about films Yeah sure go for it okay. This is a question actually. Chris really wanted us to talk about it and I feel like it might be quite hard. But we're GONNA try it anyway so at handle moth says in honor of criterion releasing the full two hundred eighty seven minute version of until the end of the world. What is the longest biggest movie that you enjoy or at least admire now? That's a pretty good question given that this week. So obviously. The Irishman clocks in it was two hundred fourteen minutes or so long. It's it's long having no actually watched it. Thanks James. Is this kind of expert Empire for but yeah longest movie that you enjoy or at least admire. I mean I've done you. The Lord of the rings extended cut so those are pretty happy. I mean that's that's the fullback is mixed. I was gonna say I liked dances with wolves. stratus pretty fucking long. That's a long one on by. Don't know that it beats out the extended editions but Lord of the Rings ones. I feel that films that feel with exception return of the King of those three films as the I wouldn't recommend the extended. Hey last picture winter day but it's just like because then the ending the endings begin with literally an hour ago and you're just like this just just too much. Something's gone wrong some good horribly wrong when the film finishes an hour before he finishes. That's with them. Actually cutting out an entire chunk of not doing the scourging of the Shire car which thematically I know said this before is super good idea because otherwise you've got the Paul bits coming home and finding that everything has also changed whereas this way you've got the hobbits coming home and finding that Shire hasn't changed. But they have yachts why then can settle and it makes more sense but yeah the book does kind of the same thing the the end of return the king happens about halfway through returning to the king and and then has all of that left to go for structural. Tolkien well he had his own rules. I guess I'm he was very into language structure. Obviously there's a whole point. Yeah he loved the song he you did love song and the poem but what are the long ones I mean. I've never sat through all twelve hours of Showa I feel that would probably feel long. It's one of those when sometimes you feel like some certain movies are almost appendi- it's like I haven't been through this incredibly awful experience but I feel like I owe it to sit through these twelve hour documented and I mean that sounds very flipping off me and I don't intend it as such but it almost as a way of paying respect to those who went through real hardship while I feel terrible. Yes sorry about that. uh-huh thank you. Thank you but yeah. There's I've watched things that have been chopped up into sort of you know the TV episode kind of things. You know the sort of dust boot. Yeah long version cut into chunks. I haven't I'll be honest. Sat through all in one. Go the Cameron's Vietnam documentary as well. Same thing I didn't I didn't do that in Detroit. Did it like a TV show. Nine Thousand Twenty six minute Shaw. Sorry not twelve exaggerating nine hours. Twenty six minutes it's Called Yeah Looking. We could page for the longest films and the longest is Amera actor Cinema Barnabo. Oh brackets the innocence. Which clocks in at twenty one hours and five minutes? I'll be honest miss. That one appropriately won't catch up anytime saying twenty one thousand five minutes and I reckon it probably goes by faster than Ad Astra. Hey Ad Astra is made my top ten in the earless no good deed yes really. We had to hand these in today's top tens of the. Let's they're completely anonymous. So I haven't seen the Irishman yet will never be known except just sit but yeah so that was that was an interesting exercise because this year has been in a surprising in the big films endgame what not but also lots of really nice awesome little film that you get probably excited about the actually so you think Genoa I want this at the top of my list books which no one went to see four. Shame because it's fabulous. It's amazing I'll be on the top four on my list completely interchangeable. I went with an order. They could be in any order and I would be totally happy. They're essentially a joint. I who two of them definitely The other two nuns one of them. I think you haven't seen yet so it's not the Irish bills in really narrow. It down it anyway. We're spoiling podcast. Coming back review the about this problem we always. We always put that up between Christmas and New Year. You should definitely come up with that. Promised to a scene some films films before we do review the I honestly well while I'm talking about special episodes of the podcast just very quickly..

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