Pelicans star Zion Williamson expected to miss first few weeks of season


In his knee he was going to miss the final preseason game against the Knicks at the garden but now according to ESPN Adrian Morton Hausky he says a severe injury has been ruled out for design Williamson's right knee but he is expected to miss periods of weeks to start the regular season sources tell Espn pellicer clearly treating the injury with it abundance of caution but there's no shortage of competence on a full recovery so good news is that it's not serious but he will miss he's probably going to miss the opener his debut the season on that Tuesday night when the when the regular season tips off so scouts interesting we were talking about Zion and sort of yesterday being potentially the most athletic guy in the league but then also it of carrying a lot of this weight around and potentially whether or not he was going to have to slim down and his NBA career. I don't know I have no idea if this had anything to do with that I mean he is a huge guy for his lettuces on your first reaction to him and his knee injury this guy can do whatever he wants to do in this game but I foremost he has to take care of his body he has to eat right he has to be on all of it matters you you eat bad one day you you overeat one day is straight as your body a certain way could lead to an injury like I'm telling you if you could get with Lebron and just have conversations with the Bra on about what Lebron does because the broad is meticulous he teaches is diet around all this stuff that he eats at certain times it's also alad and it's different at different times so he needs to lean more towards that to have the longevity and I it it doesn't on a number to me it's about being efficient it's about you know wear and tear it's like if he can carry around to sixty five seventy five and it's great and doing it with a clean diet is fine but if he's not watching that stuff if he's not working out like where the way he needs to his career will be cut short so his potential is unlimited if he takes care of his body yeah it's crazy like Lebron it's crazy how much Lebron has slimmed-down like he is tone there was that one aussies he lost a ton away and and you know I have to imagine this one of the reasons that he's been able to play so far into his mid and probably late thirties this high of a level and I've met other guys especially big guys scall- you you could talk to this as well as anyone but I look at guys like Tim Duncan same deal he was slim of his career and he had a long career but then guys like Shaq who kind of gained weight and really struggled at the end of their careers with fitness and staying healthy and things like that so I think it will be really important Presi- on sort of maintain his weight my only question to you is how like do you think do you think his size really do you think that is one of the reasons that he so great like because he's so big athletic or do you think are just down that it will impact his game at all don't don't don't mix those two up right it's like if you put high quality fuel in the Formula One car the result is what the result is if you're running that Formula One car on some WTMJ or you're not spending the time stretching you're not getting the right weight like you have to be on top of that stuff it's it's for example right so rudy your Honda feels a little bit out of a line a little bit on the highway shakes when you hit the brake are Xian's a Formula One if that wheel a little bit out of a line the wheel flies into the stands it kills people up there the car flips over catches on fire right the difference between just an average person and in extreme athlete that Formula One everything has to be locked in and at all times I don't care what his number is if the fuel going in is super premium I it doesn't really matter to me if if he's taken here himself and he ends up being three hundred twenty pounds of all muscle when he's flying to the hoop but my guess is he'll probably drop around ten maybe fifteen pounds by just putting in high quality

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