Republicans slam Trump over withdrawal of troops from Syria


Has the president is just getting you're always taking fire from all sides here this morning and this has to do what I wanna make sure we college member we've got troops in in Syria troops there there were helped to stabilize the situation is we were trying to find fight and defeat ISIS and I think as successfully decimated them you're never going to defeat the ideology but you know we did win this battle no question about that we're talking about fifty troops that's it the present is moving fifty troops within Syria not out of the country but just out of the northern border there were the Turks plan on the going in and taking care of some of their business for whatever reason the president saying look this is a campaign promise and this is something and it's just amazing me the president is getting hammered for pulling troops out of harm's way one second we get to a hundred percent now I get to a hundred percent then they say well maybe we could stay longer too well when do we get out is going to be a time we get it we have to bring our people by phone yeah and again this was supposed to be a short term hit maybe about sixty to ninety days it has now lasted for years and the president doesn't want mission creep like we've seen in Afghanistan like we've seen elsewhere get in get the job done get out I will get the courage here in just a second because that would be my only concern but I think the president can adequately address that Lindsey Graham of courses warning here comes the third World War this is going to lead to the re emergence of isis and the biggest one of all this will be the Iranians in as to that when you've got Democrats and Republicans in agreement and disagreement over this senator Mike Lee says we should be thanking president trump it should not be any more difficult for a president to take us out of a war zone it is for him to get us into a war zone what we really ought to be thanking him for doing this we should be thank you for keeping his campaign promise something other presidents all the politicians of of failed to do senator Ron Paul agrees with president trump I think president trump recognizes what president Reagan recognized unfortunately to lighten Beirut leaving three or four hundred people in an area that are vulnerable could lead to catastrophe but also doesn't really do anything to secure our national security you know I'm kind of the bleed goes big go big or go home you know two or three hundred people are just a trip wire to get is drawn into something and a tragedy probably so again we're talking about fifty troops of that's it and according to a Pentagon official called this does not constitute a withdrawal from Syria we're talking about a small number of troops that will move to other bases with in Syria once again manufactured outrage even on the part of US senator Lindsey Graham Nikki Haley's come out we'll hear from Meghan McCain she went on on on his moment yesterday on the on the view Benghazi sue will be with us here shortly we'll talk about her as says sing along with Mitch is opposed and I get a look at the biggest concern I I mention this yesterday what were the courage the courage to help those those who fight in Iraq the fight against Iran the fight against ISIS the Kurds understand the enemy being radical Islam so they fought with us they have shed blood with us as our allies and you don't want to hang out to dry and president trump has warned order one you know be careful with our troops be careful with the Kurds and the president on Monday defending this decision so he will quote totally destroyed I'm a liberal obliterate Turkey's economy if it does anything off limits in Syria including going after the courage that was my only concern is in these people who fought with us as our allies you wanna make sure that you know you you take care of them but here this is this is Much Ado About Nothing front with over fifty troops being moved within the country this is an thousands and thousands of troops on I can't imagine the reaction is within when we but we pull out of Afghanistan for good well the based meal basically will of the fear was is that Turkey was going to invade Syria and at the same time maybe a slaughter the Kurds are friends and the president has basically laid down the gauntlet as to what would happen if Turkey did such a thing there would be huge results that the that the the you know including sanctions and things of that nature that up and in fact maybe even pushing for Turkey out of the out of the NATO alliance there are a number of different things that the president wants that you know would do if if Turkey did it eventually try you know to invade Syria and and tried to annihilate the the Kurds now what and again though they are dead or alive that was an interesting chain and we knew the reason the reason why we need that the Incirlik airforce base there that is a key player in the in the Middle East but the again I'm sure the president any cities that comments are conversations with the receiver to on the Turkish president I understand that the again you leave our troops alone and you make sure that you're not going on there taken taken out the Kurds and it's all it's all for fun that being said this this is total over reaction we got more of a

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