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In six groups the only thing happening in baseball as the player draft and that's all nationals GM Mike Rizzo want to talk about after selecting cades cove alley with their first round pick we started building franchises through the draft and player development today's a big day were castrated and that we couldn't be happier to what did you change in the folds another big powerful right handed pitcher in the in the system and we're hopefully that Gerry brings us another trophy in in another couple years when he's on the nats have five picks in tonight's four rounds of golf at the colonial Country Club in fort worth Texas Justin rose is the clubhouse leader after firing a seven under par sixty three that put him one stroke ahead of Jonathan Vegas Abraham ancer and Harold Varner the third Phil Mickelson finished at one under par putting in six pack Dustin Johnson came in at one over and W. T. O. P. has confirmed that former George Washington basketball coach Maurice Joseph is joining Dave Paulson staff at George Mason John of the Warner W. T. O. P. sports well our weather is rapidly improving the forecast coming up next five seventeen remodeling for how you live today here's Craig Drawsko founder of sun design remodeling sharing how remodeling can bring family and friends together so I'm over the client the other day and they wanted an in law suite they wanted of master on the main level and we are talking about the placement of it and there is clearly an easy area for it if it made sense and we can identify the size the additional where was going to go but the more we talked about it it was going to block a lot of the natural light it also was an easy to access after doing a tour of the house and the property in the lot we found actually a much better solution it was actually more affordable.

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