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There you go. You're invited. Larry has the house. Carson. Appreciate you coming on. Thanks. You got it. That's Carson Palmer football life with Carson Palmer, Friday, September fourteenth, five o'clock Pacific in Carson will be watching it. When we watch it, I get his movie theater his own house or something like when's the Keyshawn went out? Yeah. That's gonna be on BT. Stuff like that. Just I've never been into it. I've never been into those type of shows about you or cities someone else's, like you said to you, hey, come and do one with on Warren Sapp. Would you sit down but just about me, I just never been into behind the glory year, where are they nouns? And I'm not. This is not my deal. That's all I'm looking at this. This house cars just so you heard what I said, right? It's six thousand seven hundred and eighty five square feet to Poos movie theater. It's basically a compound pool. Yeah, case he cleaned Sodhi for two point, nine million dollars. Can you imagine living Aaron, Zona you could buy that much space that much should issue that the decimal we actually we just got some some footage of the BT's a life on key of you. Wanna hear some. We have teams. He never was one of us. You just want the contract into notoriety, but he didn't want to work the difference between mandatory and voluntary band into our, you know, I'll take my chances on the voluntary choice, stuff about saying that he couldn't play the game because he was a good player, but will he one of those rare air special guys know. I don't need to make another one. It's already Trojan talk. He's going to break down the Trojans next morning show Keyshawn Elsie and Travis ESPN feel like marching marching and going to get him, but we didn't go get him. We played very much place. No, we don't play concourse yard. I've been to the. Play it. We go play no matter what score at least seventy times out. There's no question about it. This game certainly didn't deserve to be played, especially the way we went out scored three points on a seventeen three loss to Stanford three points, three points. What was the last time? The Trojan score, three points in a football game. I can't remember. I don't the Paul Hackett ever do that. I mean, I don't even Larry going back to know. Thanks, wasn't bad. He was bad pack. It was bad, bad, bad, bad bad. Larry Smith got to be bad after few Rose Bowl appearances, but USC certainly was outmanned out match outcoached off as it a game. They like to say we had, we had our opportunities at times, but we couldn't figure out how to put enough points on the board to take the lead to win the game, and we surrender seventeen points only got three young quarterback j t Daniels, obviously. Is a freshman in overtime. He's gonna continue to get better, but he needs help from the coaching staff in a coaching staff is going to put him in a position to succeed. Then what are they there for? Because clearly me watching a game when I knowing all the calls certainly seemed to me that he was not put in the best position from an office standpoint to score points. Well, do you buy were caution Carson Palmer said, which was they were trying to protect him young guy on the road. I big, you know, game against a ranked opponent didn't expose them to too much. And so they had a very conservative game plan so that he wouldn't quote unquote lose the game for them. Well, he didn't win the game, you know? So do know he was he wanted to. He wind up losing the game, has a losing quarterback on the team. I've never heard of such thing. He didn't lose the game, the sense through bunch of because they were never threatening to school..

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