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Extended invitation for bladder Putin to visit while rejecting his offer of, help than the elected battling. Investigation it's more it's the Oklahoma City thunder. Traits Carmelo Anthony to the Atlanta Hawks alter breaks, over a. Janke in Matt subway series starting tonight in the Bronx seventy one degrees on Friday July twentieth good morning I'm, Vicky how a couple CBS news time to thirty one CBS news update the search has been suspended for the night in Branson Missouri after a tourist boat capsized and sank Grounding Broadcast I captured the emergency calls at least eleven people were killed including. Children another seven were injured and five are still missing stone county. Sheriff Doug Rader says one person on. Board the boat on table rock lake was especially. Helpful there was actually a stone county sheriff's deputy on the boat He was on the. Water rescue and people there was also. Some of the staff in Branson leave and trying. To help rescue the duck boat went down during a storm Man The national weather service, says wind gusts topped sixty miles per. Hour CBS news. Update I'm Wendy Gillette w CBS news time to thirty two not long after dawn and ageing steam pipe suddenly gave way.

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