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Inocencio thanks for your time rainy and happy new year thank you and you too if there's one journalist who knows what's going on in the bowels of the year when it's our Pam Falk she joins us from her you and hide out in New York hi Pam hi Steve good to be here let's start with those personnel changes you and ambassador nominee heather knower never even made it to the Senate her replacement Kelly craft got a swift confirmation how does he stack up against who she replaced Nikki Haley well the US did shift its top diplomat in twenty nineteen in the headline grabbing Nikki Haley shifted to the new ambassador Kelly craft was the former ambassador of the U. S. to Canada now despite being a bit hamstrung because she didn't have U. S. cabinet status with the trump administration she has made her way with diplomats and two alliances by traveling with diplomats one trip was to war torn south Sudan and participating in you and social events like jogging and being there it more meetings than her predecessor let's talk about the role the U. N. has played this year especially in the impeachment inquiry yes in twenty nineteen made the United Nations the location of the year in terms of breaking news as the place where president trump was set to meet with world leaders including the Ukraine president when the news of a whistle blower emerged as president trump was in New York for speech for the U. N. General Assembly the White House released information about the now infamous July call leaving Ukraine officials scrambling here at the U. N. to answer questions on the morning of their name what was then their new president's address to world leaders and the trump Zelinsky press encountered them took place we had I think glued to a phone call to us normal we spoke about many things mandate so so I think when you are at is that.

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