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The forty five for the forty seven yard line our snow leave Robert Burns we'll check in at the running back spot second down eight what a beautiful virtually cloud miss cloudless night here in Shreveport now Harris comes back the last two running backs burns and Harris Harris goes in motion to the left side of the formation quarterback look controls long trying to find I was born on the near side and complete overthrows of at the thirteen yard line with manta manta ray Jahn invite roll person well we know that Williams has the arm just couldn't connect yeah all the time he did that this is going to be that's what I've been trying to just not incentivize them to throw this ball down the field get some one on one match up thirty percent in third down conversions today are the Miami hurricanes three of ten here's a third candidate on their own forty seven going left to right two one to the left one of the one side side and on the right here's the quarterback under pressure tries to get away he will be the fourth for the Louisiana the bowl game their fifty first that is been given up by Miami.

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