Frank Gore passes Barry Sanders, hits No. 3 spot on NFL's all-time rushing list

ESPN Daily


I'd like to talk about a player on the bills. Offense the man they call the inconvenient truth Mr Franklin Gore now I understand that people who watch the NFL are generally loyal to teams and not players and that everyone has different allegiances. But the fact of the matter is if you don't root for Frank Gore at this point you're just wrong I'm sorry but those are the rules. Gore has been in in this league for fifteen years and on Sunday he passed Barry Sanders to move up to third on the all time rushing list another gift decor by drew over the left side. He gets closer. The first down is down at the forty one yard line. That's a gain of seven and that is enough record is now the third all time leading rusher in NFL history. How about that? You saw it here today folks along with Emmett Smith. He's one of just two running backs to start in over two hundred games with remarkable. Not only because he's thirty six years old when he began colleges quarterback Josh Allen was five but because he's conquered so much for those who are unfamiliar with his life. The story. Here are the broad strokes core grew up in poverty and his mother suffered from addiction. He overcame severe learning disability to get to college and once he got out there he tore his ACL twice and yet fifteen thousand two hundred eighty nine yards later. He still here about a year your ago. I was asked to participate in an NFL insiders panel where we argued why various player should get into the hall of fame. I made the case for Gore. Are The reason why he isn't a shoo-in is that despite his longevity he's never really achieve dominance at his position which I understand but even if he was was never the best he has always been great historic matters deeply to the league into everyone. WHO's been fortunate enough to watch him play? So here's hoping he makes it to sixteen thousand yards.

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