White House won't participate in impeachment inquiry hearing



Saying the president will not participate in the house impeachment inquiry ABC's senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega at the White House basically say the president is not going to participate because they have no idea who the witnesses are that are going to be called they say that an invitation to participate in an academic discussion gives the president no semblance of fairness in all of this process the house judiciary committee's lawmakers will have access to report from the house intelligence committee including the depositions behind closed doors in the public hearings written by house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff here's ABC's keris Catherine folders what you'll see is members of the house intelligence committee they'll be able to view this report Republicans will say what they agree with our don't disagree with and then on Tuesday Schiff will hold a business meeting where he will put in Republicans concerns it in what they'll do on Tuesday evening around six o'clock is they'll take a vote on this report it will essentially vote the report out of the committee and then to judiciary you'll see the hearing on Wednesday and potentially up more of these public hearings that he hasn't announced it needs indicated that they be ready to wear for articles of impeachment to the full house for by mid

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