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The biggest loser the last twenty four us in the top one hundred is the biggest loser it looks like it but also look at there's some pretty big gains so if you look at the number twenty coin overall chain chainlink which we've talked a lot about but over the last seven days they're up twenty four point six percent so that's one that is doing some really big stuff. It's actually has some huge volume and that's like one of the only ones of icy in the top fifty. This sort of taken off zero x over the last week is is up thirty percents as well but that's it for the top fifty. GotTa go out of the top fifty to see anything else that is that is this positive right now which is kind of a bummer right now. The dominance for Bitcoin is sixty eight point. Five percent in most of the CRYPTOS are gone down like coin has gone down ten percent this past week y'all's else down eighteen percent overall because it had a little bit of a run stellar over last seven days is up six point four percent because it had a big bop then it's gone back down to where it was sitting sitting in about six cents so there you go crypto goes up cryptic goes down. This is one of the days where Crypto is down so I wonder what you think it might be. The connection to you are lead story today. Mr Travis right lead story today is Google may have ushered in a new era of quantum supremacy now well what does that mean for us so Google said they announced this last Friday which is a major milestone towards the development of quantum computer so apparently it's not quite there yet but it is Google said on their on their paper they wrote about it. They said this experiment marks. The first computation that can only be performed on a quantum processor in the Google research paper was titled Quantum Supremacy using programmable superconducting inducting processor now. This is a challenge for some people. There's another that was on the verge. There's another indepth article on natural news which was it's interesting source but at the articles really solid talking about why Google's quantum supremacy means the end of encryption security for crypto currency artsy military secrets finance and personal communications. It's all over wrong and a die while they're talking like that. It is but here's the thing think once somebody creates one thing. There are other people on the other side who are creating something to combat that so I I would assume that you know a quantum cryptography or some sort of you know. Quantum encryption will be the norm now. They've said that that they're not able to crack act bitcoins to fifty six shaw code yet. Probably they can do that by the year twenty twenty two is what they're thinking that that that might be any where that happens is twenty twenty two so they're not able to do it yet so it gives us a little bit of a runway to be able to protect ourselves and to protect our crypto ass at that sets well. Let's explain a little bit about what that means. What are they actually do? Google quantum computer was reportedly able to solve a calculation proving the randomness initiative numbers produced by a random number generator in three minutes and twenty seconds and according to this article on the verge it would take the world's world's fastest traditional supercomputer summit. I guess is what this computer is called around ten thousand years which effectively means the calculation can be performed by traditional computer so Google has is now the first to demonstrate quantum supremacy. They are true blunt supremacists. Yeah you know so cryptography relies on cryptographic a symmetry and that is rendered obsolete by quantum computing and so that's really interesting for example. It's GonNa take your desktop e c ten seconds to a trip to file but a breaking that on another one might take ten billion years. I so what this means is that quantum computing they're going to be able to do this on multiple devices. They're actually able to sort of instead of uh-huh working on one plane and just one level area. They're actually able to do this on multiple layers at the same time so here on the verge article says has is in the nutshell quantum computing is all about cubits or quantum bits. These are basic units of information used by quantum computers unlike regular bits which are stored data a ones or zeroes Cubans takes advantage of the quantum phenomenon known as super position this means they are essentially exist as ones and Zeros simultaneously in the advantage of this computing exponentially increases the amount of information you can process says a pair of Cuba's can exist as either ones or zeroes cannon body four possible states three cubits can embody eight three hundred cubits cannon body more states than there are atoms in the universe three hundred cubits can embody more states than there are atoms in in the universe good Lord that's ridiculous and so Google has said that they have seventy two Cubans system available that was too tough to control now they got a fifty the three Cuban a design called Sycamore at also IBM as launched a fifty three cubit design. That's good it's getting really close to being designed so the age of quantum computing is arriving rapidly and you know Mr Tacoma was interesting to me is that I haven't seen any mainstream the media talking about it at all Is this any relation to Q-bert the little guy that was in the video game in the eighties yeah I think so so it's every time he jumps on one of those little things it's right. It's the same thing yeah in fact the article from Financial Times Darrow Gill is IBM's CBS head of research and he was like Google's claim to have achieved quantum supremacy is just plain wrong. He says that Google system is a specialized is piece of hardware designed to solve a single problem and it falls short of being a general purpose computer on like what IBM is developing clipping so this guy is taking exception with Google's assertion here. It's like it sounds like they took a real short cut way to be able to say a first but they're short cut way isn't it. It's a single use piece of hardware. It's not an actual computer that you could plug amy other data into we're going to have to have some conversations with some quantum computing experts here in the future. We've chatted with some of the past right when when we were in France we had a chance to show a gentleman who's running a quantum resistant out crypto project and you know that's the thing is that once these new things are developed galloped than bitcoin core will adapt and you know with the two fifty six shaw longer works. They'll just update it and create the new version of that. That's the hope that's the expectation you know. Also you know is Google going to be out there. Cracking everybody's bitcoin codes. You know that's not what they're trying to do yet. But who knows three years from so now is where they're expected to have this next leap with quantum computing so we'll see GONNA definitely want to keep our ears and eyes on it because has I would say it's GonNa make a lot of group projects obsolete over time because they're not gonNA have the skills to be able to make a quantum resistant. A tool like bitcoin will well because you're in my mind will because there's enough people out there who are intelligent enough to help solve those solutions but man. This is a new era in humanity. If quantum computing is here because quantum computing actually uses the copy tation power of the universe somehow. It's just totally Liam mind blow when you dive into how it actually works. It's actually you know I don't know the universe is math and it's all based on math if you'd look dive into who are. DNA that's all math and if you look at it the DNA of everything it's all math and so it's all math and while now we can compute way faster if you're taking and something that would take us ten thousand years at the world's strongest most bad ass supercomputer would take ten thousand years to do and now with this you can do it in three minutes. It's like what and speaking of three minutes Travis in the last three minutes since we've spoken there has just been another flash crash in bitcoin it has dropped as low as eighty four hundred and it is now sitting in eighty five forty three Mike today. It is fallen like like a more than a thousand today more than ten percent today and again. This is a were recording this on Tuesday the twenty fourth in the afternoon by the time you guys here it is going to be Thursday night. Who knows where it is then but that's that has happened just since in the last ten minutes yeah wow yeah I'm pulling it up right now taking a look at that crazy so now we don't know this has to do with Google reaching quantum supremacy the but there are some articles out there that are talking talking about you know how Google is quantum computing will make crypto irrelevant obsolete but I think that you know give us some credit? There's some people out there are gonNA be able to solve some of these problems and be able to make quantum resistance cryptos. There's already some out there who claim they are in so you know what the cat's out of the bag anyway folks crypto is here and there's enough smart people out there to solve the problem so I'm not overly concerned. We got like two or three years until you know there's potential Angel Dum dum gloom well. I also wonder how much of this is built in to the backed launch that has finally happened for for the past year and a half we've been talking about backs bitcoin futures trading platform and the SEC finally you know approved proved it and it's finally launched it is launched by the intercontinental exchange ice. They're not the ones deporting people they are the operator reader of the New York Stock Exchange and so now people can trade bitcoin futures on the back the platform the hand and and you know so far. It's been people who've been SORTA nonplussed about it. They haven't had nearly the volume that they thought they were going to have I think that you you know that was a challenge like they had all this hype back. Had all this hype a maybe they're going to be working with starbucks and all this other stuff and you know the news was really exciting about it and so now they're focusing on the futures contracts and do some of that stuff and it looks like at least up until now there hasn't been a whole a lot of transactions happening so far. It's been kind of been kind of not not as exciting as people had hoped so. Maybe that's one of the reasons why Crypto crypto going down right now but I think it's kind of a combination of both. Is there some fear that's coming out. Oh crypto might be doomed while you know what when Crypto goes down a little bit lower. It's GonNa me a great time for some buying say but you're not a financial adviser not financial advisor we are not but you know not everybody feels that way and you know if we need some good news and happy news and uplifting news we always turn to tim draper who is always bullish on Bitcoin and in this article and Coin Telegraph from the sixteenth the September just last week. He says that his own prediction bitcoin price will hit a quarter of a million by twenty twenty two. Maybe understating aiding the power of Bitcoin. He's extremely bullish. He says two hundred and fifty thousand dollars mean that bitcoin would then have about five percent market share of the currency CONC- world and I think that may be understating the power of Bitcoin to me Travis. This all revolves around the next having right right I there there's not something that all of a sudden is going to bring bitcoin mainstream for adoption in before may right. I just don't see that happening but the having happens in May so I think the next big push has to be with that it is the central event right because I mean it's going to go from twelve point five bitcoin down to six point two five bitcoin right and so yeah there's a a lot less bitcoins are being created in the early days when there was fifty man you go in and mindblock bitcoin boom. He got fifty bitcoin but it wasn't worth very much now when the price keeps growing up keeps going and growing than you know getting six bitcoin blue and they're worth worth these big amounts like that's that's going to be exciting for people the mind and even if it's like a portion of a bitcoin so tim draper is always been you know a fan of the cryptos..

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