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Well let me ask you something. No is there any any part of your brain. That's going he wants to sleep with me. No maybe it should never never never got that vibe. From him. Only recently only at a dinner party it was only a couple years ago. Someone said something to him about me because we're sitting next to each other and chatting China in and he's like world friends or whatever and one of his guy friends was said something like a joke about dating. He looked at me really quizzical. Like I never did do that did I am. I was like no forgotten now. You're you're at an age where I could not even on the rails. I might be getting getting older. I guess you know what it is so often when we hear the word mentor and it's offered by some older actor. It's it's a real red red flag but this is a great story this is. I'm very naive to that too. I never had that feeling. I never felt unsafe. I was in his home alone and and never had add that boy. I I gotta say of of all the people that we've got to meet or be around. He's the guy that I'll I've many any times. been walking off the floor of the Lakers in the tunnel. And you're with him and I look at him and I'm dislike. I couldn't begin to say hi to him. I'm so intimidated mandated by him. He really is in some weird zone in my mind of just other level other otherworldly. Yeah yeah he's a a normal dude he's not a regular guy but he is been. He has been very helpful to me. 'cause I after madman ended and I got offer for last man on earth like I was just like people are only going to remember me as betty and he said that the worst thing he's like well you got to keep working. He's like people people only know me from like the joker or the shining even get scripts and I'm like yes. I believe how we see. We are all people. Stories are so funny because I remember. I actually told this story when I interviewed but when I was dating kate and got to hang out with Kurt Russell. Aw He would tell me all the time like a lot. I'd never get fucking recognized if I wasn't married Goldie but I'm always with Goldie and everyone knows her and then they figure out it's me and I'm like that in in your mind. That's the truth isn't it and we just see ourselves differently. Yes yeah you know what's funny is I actually thought of you thought of you when when you started last man on earth is you know it's our that was our favorite comedy for like three. You said that that's so cool when people say hof genius level comedy as far drugs. Listen I'm so smart. Funny we all I love it. We love it. We loved it but I thought of you and I was like man. I'm envious of you being on madman and yet I would be so overwhelmed with the decision decision of what's next. It's so stressful. Because you have all this cachet people want you. You're also realize it's got a time stamp on it like it. Will you know after after however many years that that won't be. This is a stressful time to make a decision. Isn't it. Yeah I mean my agent pushed me into that a bit. 'cause I got the offer for last man while we're we're still wrapping up madman and I was super scared to do it for me just as a person it was the right thing to do for my soul to go do comedy do something fun where I'm just laughing all day and be a just in a different atmosphere and then when they said shoots in Chatsworth was like like twenty minutes from my house old. Yeah Old Pretty Leo where it shoots. Is Everything Kristen I. It's just an option for us to be gone for for eight months of the year. Whatever just did Sean Toronto from January till May and it was so cold and so foreign and bring my son take him out of school? It was just very hard it all around. Yeah what was that. Not The politician all politicians shot here. Okay so that was. I wasn't in very much of it. So that was reas- is that this one was spinning out which comes out January first okay net flicks okay spinning out about figure skating and bipolar depression forest crisanto. That'll trope boy. I've seen that a thousand times if I gotTA watch one more goddamn series about bipolar. I'm going to give to skate in it. I play sort of like a Tonya harding. A mom figure skater and I have two daughters. I don't know if I get a job where I don't have to slap my kid. Ah that's your career. Goal is to be in some abuse a child on. You're the you're the big the big fish. Yeah Yeah I don't yeah right. Let's talk about that. This is a lot of pressure. Yeah Yeah Yeah so not. Nearly on the scale as yours is but when parenthood ended. I'm like I'm getting offered now to be the the only person or one of two people things and I was like. I've I have done this before. I've made these mistakes before like I was in an ensemble without a paddle great and then immediately needed to be lead to something and then you know I've never had that wish ever I mean I just I don't know that I have the motivation or the drive to want to be that person. I'm not married to the job enough to really want to worry about that. Doc is that something that is a product of having a child or have. You always been this way. I've always been that way. Oh it wasn't something that I ever aspired to be a real away. If I failed or about audition it rolled off my back. Oh it didn't bother me like 'cause there was always a reason. Mother was told to me my agent on our manager. Or whatever like you're not right for this because this and I was like sure that's fine. I never went home crying after something. It's also the truth. I tried to tell this to Monaco. The she's not listening. But the fact that you were up against Elizabeth Moss for Peggy. I can't imagine you being Peggy Aggie because no me neither did anyone other than Elizabeth Moss rank Peggy. You might delivered it perfectly but then just the packaging. You're like well. I don't know that that all this other story we're gonNA tell on top of the exact same sense it nothing to do with your performance at all it's just no more succinctly just said you're too pretty to play Peggy uh-huh right in that can just that's can but I am. I supposed to be upset about that. Like I don't know then write me something interesting where I can can. Yeah look the way I look. I don't know yeah but most people leave those auditions and They they did what they wanted to do. And then they don't get it so then nate they start thinking like well. Maybe the thing I think I do well is not it and I need to refine what I'm doing and I'm like no if you know what you're doing are you can and find your voice and be you leave it at that and then you're going to be right or wrong for some stuff. Are- draft why was just had in the back of my mind that I wasn't going to be the and this job for a long like I'm going to do this going to be fun and then I'm GonNa go be a Marine biologist and get married have kids or live with my parents or whatever it is like I i. I wasn't worried about plan B.. I had my things that I could do or meteorologists. I got all kinds of things I wanted to still do by the way. Yeah have you ever guest meteorologist. No but I used to be obsessed with unsolved mysteries. Robert Stack member. Oh until Mr yes. I was scared of that. Show I wanted to you that guy so badly and and this is like January Jones reporting live from the tornado. Like I just wanted to be a mystery to know it kills me by the way of my weather Woman was January Jones. I would call bullshit. I'd be like that's not her name. January Jones all of a sudden. What about what really Dallas rainless ways but but again I immediately go? He made that name up but he may really be named Dallas Raines. I doubt it. But what if he was or there's another guy like stormy Daniels or no. That's yeah she should become a meteorology on the street. I Ah Oh boy oh boy. I renamed myself January snow okay. Do you let Keith Morrison. I know the name what does He. He's one of the league guys on Dateline. Oh yes silver her Fox yes they do or Dan Rather Tom Brokaw causeways. My favorite Tom. Bro- from South Dakota by. Yeah he's on the state shirt with me and are you. Are you as directed to them. Yeah just because they seem really smart and they they imbued confidence too. That's why they're good at it. They make everyone feel safe. They can deliver w very scary information but in a very calm way and you feel very even register. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's hot voice. Yeah who's is your dream may currently like Ricky Gervais as or. Oh Wow that's a good wall is going to be thrilled. Costed sit him at an awards. You're not having it. You're kidding it was really nervous thing. He was supposed Globes or something. Oh Buzzed Stephen Merchant. And I was like get me in there right now super nervy all my gosh. I'm so thrilled with Chris. Christly is Louis. He's Australian comedian. He did summer heights..

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