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Evening news. But I it is our top story hump day. Spacex getting ready for another falcon nine rocket launch. A good chance. The launch will be on schedule. Weather conditions are eighty percent go for the falcon nine launch at Cape Canaveral. Tonight's cargo sixty satellites that will provide internet two places in the world that can't get it right now. It's part of a project called Starlink created to provide space based internet service around the globe. But these sixty mini fridge-sized satellites are just the beginning. Eventually there will be twelve thousand of them in low earth orbit. Elon Musk said on Twitter that it's going to take six more launch. As length this one to get even minor broadband coverage, the internet network should be complete in the mid twenty twenties. I'm Stephanie Brown. The launch window opens at ten thirty PM, and we'll broadcast it live if and when it happens on news ninety six point five WDBO, Florida, maybe out of the running to become home to the US space. Command was announced yesterday Cape Canaveral that the air force is moving forward with six cities four of which are in Colorado last week here on Orlando's evening news, Senate, governor Jeanette Nunez told us that they were working on a proposal on why Florida's should be chosen. I have not given up. Hope we're both very much. He'll pushing for the space combat and command headquarters to be here in Florida. You're forces expected to formally announce their decision on location sometime over the summer coming up a state is suing jewel because he say they were advertising to kids. We'll tell you who that is next on Orlando's evening news..

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