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Today on happy second fused toni collette on perhaps the performance of her career in hereditary hey guys i'm josh horowitz welcome to another addition of happy second fused mile at all podcast where i talked the big old movie stars and filmmakers about their projects in lives and i'm very pleased to say that today's episode is a first timer to happy second fuse i i think i've ever had with her toni collette one of our greatest actors on the planet i feel very comfortable in saying that especially when you when you take a look at the filmography for a second you take a look back at all the varied work that's only colette has done over the years and oscar nominated for the six cents but that's really just the tip of the iceberg from urals wedding little miss sunshine in her shoes a lot of underrated smaller films in there too and now starring in the new film from h four or favorite little studio that could the crazy oh my god drama horror thriller suspense it's hard to pin down it's a lot of things hereditary as the movie you've probably if you listen to this podcast you're movie fan and if your movie fan you're kind of in the know on what people are talking about and people are very much talking about hereditary i heard the buzz building on this and it premiered at sundance i didn't catch it there sadly but i finally did a few weeks ago and it is it's maybe my favorite movie of the year it's definitely up there it's definitely top ten material probably for me by the end of the year safe to say i wanna see it again it's.

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