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Then right in line with that twenty eighteen I notice top-five happening. Each of the last five years in Virginia Democrats are in trouble to more of Virginia's top officials fighting to hang onto their jobs, a California Democratic activists went public with her sexual assault allegations against Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax who says that is not a true story. John Dingell says in a tweet you're not done with. Me yet after disclosure of his terminal cancer. The ninety two year old icon will have wife congresswoman, Debbie Dingle. Do the tweets for him. He says after long negotiations. General Motors will cut thirteen hundred jobs at the war on tech center. Another freeway shooting is under investigation, Detroit. This time on the I seventy five service drive at eight mile. A man was shot and wounded WPRO news time seven thirty three. Here's Steve Courtney sports. Well, Richard Stanley Johnson's four-year Ron what the Detroit Pistons has come to an end. He is delta the Milwaukee Bucks for seven foot one inch center. Thon maker. Of course, the pistons moving Reggie Bullock to the Lakers yesterday. NBA trade deadline. Three o'clock is afternoon. We'll see if they've got anything else going on. Meanwhile, pistons prepare for the New York Knicks the pistons taking care of the Knicks in the Big Apple on Tuesday night the pistons will put their two game win streak on the line. Meanwhile, the next they're on more difficult road. They've lost fourteen. Straight seven o'clock tip tomorrow night. Meanwhile, Red Wings in Vegas. Golden Knights will meet at Elsie seven thirty tonight. Redwings will put their three game win streak on the line. And the San Francisco Giants the latest to get involved in the Bryce Harper sweepstakes. They met in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Meanwhile, your Detroit Tigers. Here we go spring training right around the corner. As a matter of fact, pitchers and catchers will report on Tuesday to beautiful lakeland..

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