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These are your business news stories this morning finance data watchdogs are looking into issues at esp that's after they were left with online customers unable to access money and some able to see other people's accounts your they've launched an in depth investigation into apple's proposed takeover of the tech giant's announced in december that it was buying the music recognition up which was developed here in the united kingdom and also a deal which is brought the express the star the mirror newspapers together under one owner that cafes government intervention the culture secretary says he's considering looking at trinity mirror or reach their now known the purchase of some of richard desmond's obligations today those are the big business news stories of the day and in the studio with ms henry dimbleby's cofounder of leeann restaurants is also set up this new charity chefs in schools which we've been talking about also he's been looking through the papers near woodford eastern a little bit of a hit us yes so neil woodford runs the patient capital trust which had invested in a company called profit which had been developing a drug for very rare disease his name attempt to pronounce and they come up with these names it was so difficult why didn't they did come up with the name of the drug that just tells you what it does but but anyway so this drug niyad zero zero one i think is probably how you pronounce it has been withdrawn from trials as a result the company has lost seventy percent of its share price mr woodford fund is down thirty percent that's always done at twelve percent and this is really interesting thing i think this is one of if you look at slow stories and quick story to the quick stories the ones that just you know we see every day this is about this mice important story i think in.

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