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Traffic in weather on the aids here's mary de pompa in the wtop traffic center all right luke things are looking a lot better interstate 95 I'm on the Maryland side we have a crash it's gonna be after 212 exit 29 they're blocking along on the left the side some of the fire equipment is cleared so you're coming around a curve almost at speed again it's on on the the left side be sure to scoot over for safety you're good to go beyond here all the way through Baltimore and back nothing else reported nothing on 270 no problems on the beltway maryland side in upper marlboro where brown station road both ways north of brook lane there is a crash watch any for possible police direction now into Virginia it's the inner loop of the beltway right at 66 xf49 vehicle disabled was there along the right side it might be at the top of the ramp watch for response watch for the tow truck but anywhere from the inner loop to 66 or 66 over top of the beltway that's it 66 from front royal into rosalyn was moving just about at speed no issues on 95 in Virginia between Fredericksburg Springfield 395 through the 14th street bridge but not getting the all -clear yet in mclean with first town pike there was a weather related closure in both directions between old dominion drive and tolston road you may still be being redirected also in Stafford County the crash was northbound route one at coal landing road response was still marked on scene at last report watch for that to the district in Main Avenue Southwest 9th Street that crash has been cleared and the fire department activity along Minnesota Avenue should be out of your travel lanes between Minnesota Avenue and Capitol East Street if you're looking to hire look to indeed with Indeed's end -to -end hiring solution you can attract interview and hire candidates all from one place and visit indeed .com slash credit married to pump a WTP traffic 27 news first alert meteorologist Jordan Evans high temperature of 90 once again today that humidity will make it feel even hotter and we'll

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