President Trump, Ben Tracy, Vice President discussed on CBS Weekend Roundup


33 degrees in Boston at 10 o'clock of evening. I'm Dan Watkins. Here's what's happening. On Wednesday, lawmakers will count the votes of the Electoral College in ratify President elect Joe Biden's victory. But a group of senators plans to object. The results, citing President Trump's on unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud. CBS News, White House correspondent Ben Tracy reports. In audio of a phone call obtained by CBS News President Trump is heard pressuring Georgia's Republican secretary of state Saturday to re calculate results of the state's election which bite in one and there's nothing wrong with saying that You know, uh, that you re calculated or Mr President. The challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong. I just wanna find Uh, 11,780 Well vice president. Pence has also signaled that he supports the attempt by Trump allies to overturn the election results despite judges across the country and the Supreme Court, rejecting dozens of challenges. Ben Tracy CBS News, the White House and after the release of President Trump's phone call with George's secretary of state, multiple Democrats on Capitol Hill, are now calling for a criminal investigation Elsewhere in Washington. It was a big day for congressman Jake Auken clause says he was sworn in with 117th Congress. The state's newest representative, is a Democrat from Newton, and he spoke with WBC about his new job and his fellow lawmakers. WBZ Suzanne Saz Ville reports as second class prepares to serve mass. Choose. It's in Washington. He has something to say about his fellow lawmakers even abomination. He's referring to the Republican members of the House and Senate who say they'll reject the electoral college results. When Congress convenes on Wednesday. These Republicans are swearing an oath to the Constitution and then their first action is going to be to undermine it. And I think it's shameful. It's a black mark in American history, and it should be a real tarnish on their legacy. Class, says Cove in 19 is his priority right now. But his long term goal for Massachusetts is to help build an economy that works for everyone. The meaning income in Brookline is something like five times what it is in Fall River..

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