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Me away from the water. I'll strap myself into a rocket. Sent me to the moon baby. Oh man i'm as the i like to swim. I know how to swim. Let's put that out there to Our man this is a tough one. You got come back to me. John which you got. I'm gonna go space. A couple of reasons why i think You know when you explore the ocean. There's only so deep you can go right before like the pressure starts to kill you. Am i wrong on that. You have to wear some specialize in in. Yeah you gotta wear special suits to go anywhere once you get past fifty meters Then obviously as you d the pressure mounts up so you gotta be a special suit or special submarine. Basically i always bearing. There's also a women. I mean there's also limit you can go in space. You know from that brad pitt. Movie did you ever see that. Amman with tommy. Lee jones asked or it started with a it was a funky title. But it was about brad pitt at astronaut. His dad was an astronaut to yes. The name of right now asked. His dad went to like as far as you possibly could space and then he just decided to stay out there. He lost his mind. Neptune or something right something like that. I'd say any space movie you've seen people kind of lose. They mind you know at a big boom gives us the answer ad astra. That was an movies. it was and But if you seen like movies like interstellar with matthew mcconaughey and where he basically he was so far space it got stuck out there where he basically kind of time travel. 'cause member he was sending messages to his daughter knows on our. It was his daughter like ten fifteen years from the me he left. Yeah is so. And that's the question about space innocent thing about questions about the ocean that we haven't found either so for me either. One be good. But i'm probably go. I'm probably go ocean. Because i want to really see cause i'm i gave my full disclosure on a degree in geography and so i studied the the world oceans rivers lakes mountains continents the tectonic plates everything and so for me when be being jarred can make our love to see the ocean floor and see things. Obviously that some most people human vs have not seen because the depths of ocean still unexploited just like the depths of outer space. So for me is a win win. So i'm gonna pick. I'm gonna pick a say. Discover our goto ocean. It is pretty amazing to think about the ocean and everything there that we've never ocean. It is amazing to think of the ocean. Just everything there that we've never seen like you just took all the water out and just walked around the ocean like all these things that nobody has ever been close to in. I don't know hundreds of thousands millions of years. You know billions of years maybe And that's kinda crazy. I think that think about but All right next this or that fellas yahtzee or dominoes. I'm gonna go. I i'm gonna go with yahtzee play dominos a few times. But you can't yeah you can't beat yahtzee like that was a household favorite growing up. You play yahtzee every once in a while man you could waste some time playing yahtzee a fun game i ever played. I have the game. We do have a game here. The green residence. I haven't played a whole lot of the I have played. It wants to so.

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