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It's not uncommon to hear about tough guys and professional wrestling so arly race is one of the many tough men professional wrestling but but it is pretty unusual to hear someone carried as much respect in professional wrestling is hardly raced in and got a lot of that is because of the respect that harley harley had for the business and the gaas in it so to elaborate on that until a couple of really great stories. Let's welcome great friend of the show host of what it happened win. Mr tony shivani well a couple of things about harley. I hardly was brought into w._c._w. Be the manager of a big van dater sure and he became like really managed to they brought him in because they thought that leon was a little bit <hes> well. Two out of control at times had a lot to learn about being on top in the business especially in w._c._w. Thought harley would be communist influence to him and and good help lead him in the right direction and not not so sure that it always happened that way but i know harley did have an impact on leon's life. I don't think there's any question about that but the the story that i know about harley race is one. That's been well told old in <hes> in world championship wrestling and especially mid atlantic championship wrestling ricky steamboat rick flair had great foods and some of the best feuds since some of the best matches they've ever had happened in jim crockett promotions back before they became big international stars on turner broadcasting and back in the seventies when ricky steamboat defeated ric flair for the mid atlantic television championship they had this angle where flare attack steamboat and took steamboats face and rubbed it across the floor of the television studios so to make him look make it look like he was really hurt. They brought steamboat in the back and harley race just happened to be there because the world champion was in town at that time and he was doing tv a harley was there and <hes> <hes> as as the story goes he asked for someone to get some sandpaper so they went out to a local hardware store to get sandpaper harley took the sandpaper and sanded steamboats face the the right side of his face sanded off his eyebrow and then grabs steamboat by the head and said kid this is going to hurt standby and punched him as hard as he could in the eye to swell up the i'm black and the eye and and dan he told steamboat go out and do your interview so harley was was was truly legitimately one of the toughest roughest this rugged guys at ever stepped into the wrestling ring and i think that story just shows you exactly the the extent he would go through to make sure the the injuries that came across on t._v. Legit well. It'll thinking had permeate some of the other territories because something happened in in this era when harvey's champi you would think man that i can't really have happened right not politics the way it were of course he's making the loop he being harley and picking up wins over pat patterson and dusty rhodes and dory funk and dick the bruiser and angelo ofo and the original chic but they need as a couple of title versus title title matches against superstar billy graham of the w. w._w._f. And the awa world champion nick bach winkle that seems like that is almost like a fever a dream as much as as these territories would be divided just a few years later but but it actually happened champ versus chain it did happen for pay days cash and creative the cash. The talents are gonna make make them happy happy for sure. The <hes> <hes> money's gonna make was a great bonus cost normally in those big <hes> glorify matches like in in the in the northeast with a superstar billy graham and and and then awa or wherever may be with nick balk winkle. They're great pay days there and the houses and then remember that a piece of that. There's a piece of that house came back to the n._w._e._a. So the n._w._e._a..

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