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Download the film, a tear reported case. CBS radio dot com. All right, Let's go pick up where we left off on that traffic Watch. We're going to head back to the East Shore Freeway in Emeryville. Here, Kim In traffic isn't looking so much better, especially westbound Interstate 80 the latest crash at Powell involving two big rigs. They had things that tied up there for a while. That's been clear It was a second. Of two bad accidents. Previously, we had a four vehicle crash closer to Ashby and all the activities clear, so traffic is moving. Well, just a few brake lights. Syria's you head towards the MacArthur maze in the westbound direction, Ongoing delays eastbound Interstate 80. This update brought you by hit water and that would be on the Upper East Shore between highway for in the car, Keenest bridges because of ongoing roadwork. At Pomona Street. Two right lanes are blocked A and that's why it's slow until you get across the car. Keenness Bridge. No delays as you continue eastbound through Fairfield on Vaca Ville, and we did hear of a Bart delay about 10 minutes on the Antioch line in the Richmond and Daly City directions. This is due to police activity at the Fruitvale station. Hint is pure water infused with surprisingly true fruit flavors, including watermelon, blackberry, cherry, no sugar and sweeteners. No calories of Salable in your local grocery store or drink. Hint dot com. Hint Water with a touch of true fruit flavour. Next update for 48 on the traffic leader KCBS. Tomorrow's gonna look a lot like today. A lot of sunshine. We saw a lot of hazy sunshine near the coast and bay today more of that tomorrow, going to be a little bit cooler near the water and Then still staying.

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