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Government open through November now awaits the president's signature the house approved the same measure last week trump is signal he would sign the bill which must become law by Monday to avert a shutdown Congress passed a broader to your budget deal this summer but lawmakers need more time to work out various agency spending bills held up over the administration's demands for border wall money cloudy Seles NPR news the capitol the commerce department reports the economy grew at a modest to percent rate in the second quarter that's sharply lower in the more than three percent growth rates seen over the past year many analysts believe US economic growth will slow further in coming quarters as global weakness and rising trade tensions take a toll. an Iranian citizen brought to the U. S. from Australia the face conspiracy charges has been deported back to Iran it's a case the Iranians raise last year when they called for prisoner swap NPR's Michele Kellerman reports secretary of state Mike Pompeii says he won't discuss sensitive matters like the potential of a prisoner swap with Iran but he says getting Americans home is a priority this week we spend time nearly every day working to release the Americans and others who were detained wrongfully inside of Iran a we will continue to do that and I open pray that we make progress on that families of Americans Brits and others detained in Iran are here in New York to call attention to the matter they accuse Iran of taking hostages to gain negotiating leverage and have been meeting trump administration officials and others as they seek help in resolving those cases Michele Kelemen NPR news New York stocks finished modestly lower on Wall Street the Dow lost seventy nine points down a quarter of a percent you're listening to NPR news and this is W. NYC I'm Jamie Floyd Lazio has had a change of heart about eliminating the exam for the city specialized high schools and state senator John Lou chairs the state's education committee is applauding that. the mayor is now has opened his eyes and seeing the problem more holistically and is willing to think outside the box and as importantly engage stakeholders in the quest for finding a solution the mayor says he's open to ideas other than eliminating the single tested mission it's a policy he says the goal was to better integrate the city's top high schools and new York's ban on flavored electronic cigarettes could soon expand to include a menthol Karen do with reports governor Andrew Cuomo says his health commissioner Dr Howard soccer is now recommending that menthol flavored E. cigarettes be taken off the market in New York Cuomo says the public health and health planning council will soon convened an emergency meeting to vote on a ban the recommendation comes one week after the council voted to ban flavored E. cigarettes effective October fourth the decisions com is a national health crisis stemming from vaping has sickened hundreds and killed several people all had been vaping though evidence so far points to additives to illegal cannabis vaping products and not to nicotine based vaping substances. and a new school with her by the artist Kalinda out while the wily is set to be unveiled in Times Square best known for painting Barack Obama's official portrait the sculpture is why lease first public work it's titled rumors of war and depicts a young black man in a modern street where astride a horse it's a response to the many statues erected during the civil rights movement that celebrate figures from the confederacy Jeanne Cooney is the art director for the.

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