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Here they say they find this suspicious still need a common jam packed with fire trucks fire engines from neighboring communities also avoid the area if you can in Natick James row hasta UBC Boston's newsradio thank you James it's nine oh one an investigation under way this hour following the discovery of a body in the Charles river officials with Cambridge police pulling that body of the adult man from the waters on the memorial drive side of the river state police now involved and leading that investigation a big bill comes due for credit rating bureau Equifax it settles up with federal regulators and will pay up to seven hundred million dollars for its massive data breach couple of years ago most of the money will go right back into the pockets of the one hundred fifty million consumers affected by the hack much more coming up in Bloomberg business just minutes away three weeks overdue there is now a compromise on a forty three billion dollars spending plan in Massachusetts lawmakers in conference committee on Beacon Hill come up with a deal that includes more money for education the MBTA and the plan to cut drug prices the full house and Senate expected to pass this bill sometime today and send it on to governor Charlie Baker is desk by the close of business later on a school district in Pennsylvania gives parents an ultimatum pay your kids lunch dat or the kids are going to face foster care letter went out to about a thousand parents in the Wyoming valley west school district suggesting those who fail to pay up could face proceedings a dependency court which could see their kids end up in foster care district officials say all previous attempts to collect more than twenty thousand dollars in unpaid lunch fees had been on successful but after strong complaints from parents and a stern rebuke from local child welfare authorities they say they'll send out a new less threatening letter next week Vicki Barker CBS news coming up this morning the story of a bad tow truck owner real bad keep.

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