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My dog digs dirty is back with Loretta rich in who is founder of Long Island dog rescue a wonderful nonprofit started back in nineteen ninety nine. Welcome to the show Lorraine. Thank you. Thank you for having me, really happy to have you here. A dear friend of mine genetic actually fostered than adopted two of your precious BULLDOGS. And I said, no, I mean, they're so popular I had no idea that so many of them are ending up in shelters. So let's talk about that. I because it is one of the most popular breeds lately they've really grown in popularity. Sure. And that is the one terrible thing about them right now is because BULLDOGS cannot be bread very easily, and they cannot be bread randomly and for profit because they do have certain genes for certain things that are really very big disasters breathing problems. All kinds of things. So what's happened is there's so much demand. You know economics being what it is everybody gets on the bandwagon. Now when I first started this seventeen years ago, why heads thirteen BULLDOGS that year when I was highly outraged and I got on local television to complain about. How many BULLDOGS we're getting out, right? And now we've getting like over three hundred in the northeast, and to be honest with you what's happening is that we're getting old dogs sick dogs. We do have our healthy dogs that people just don't get this breed. They're very needy. They need a lot of time. It's like having a toddler. Okay. So if you really need time, and you really need money to take care of them properly because what's happening is we've had years of bad breeding due to this incredible. You know now now the bulldog is number five nationwide. I will tell you those numbers come from the AKC registration important point. I think maybe three percent of our dogs are actually registered with the K C because people who buy pets don't really care about that their spare neutered, and they just, you know, they don't do it. Why would they spend? You know, whatever it is. So the problem is huge and people just have to stop with us spying these dogs because they are they're expensive to buy. But they're also you have to feed them quality food. You have to look after little problems. They become huge problems. I talked to good people crying all day long, because they just, you know, it's an impulse shooter in the bulldog puppy, and I have seen so many SO. I see that this is happening because more and more. I know especially in New York, I know in I think it was two thousand thirteen they were the most popular breed in New York. You just can't go in without seeing one. I so like you said people really have to think about it. Let's talk then I about what is the breed like who should be looking for a bulldog. You know, what are they all about? Well, a well bred sound emotionally sound bulldog is a wonderful animal. They are even tempered. They tend to love children. They're very good dogs. That's sad. Right. I have a kind of temperament that is, you know, they walk into our home, and they said look around and they want to see who's in charge. And if no one is in charge that's going to be them. Right. So you have to have some dogs savvy. Okay. And you really can't coddle them enormously. I mean, they have to be in their place, and you know, certainly love certainly hugged kissed and dressed up and all the rest, but you do have to maintain certain ground rules to get along well with them, otherwise, you know, I get people who have such problems with the dogs. And I said is this storm paying the mortgage and they seriously. Right after this place. So right. We'll have to understand that. This Doraville puppy is going to grow into quite the past once you caught on too much and don't train them. So I would say the number one reason people give these dogs up is because they don't have the time for them. Breed. Right. So you really true out that? Yes, that's true. But this dog, you know, people call me, they say, I've got twenty acres. They said, yeah. Right. The dog doesn't care right. You are going to have to the dog wants to know, what kinda count you have in view on it. I have to say genetics dogs love to sit. Of course, they do. They're wonderful little girlies now. And you know, both of them have cardiac issues. So this is another thing we deal with exactly I mean, and she was talking about that again, it's a friend who foster than adopted a two from you and talked about that. The breed does happen to have a cardio issues. That's well, if you know if they're badly bread, nutrition, we're going back to the puppymills because when you look at, you know, in a pet store, and you see all the doorbell dogs you have to sink where do they come from? I agree. Yes. And I want to make clear we're talking about the English or maybe sometimes referred to as the British bulldog right about a French ear. No, no, there are they have their own little banners. And so on. Yeah. But we're talking about. Yes. What's known as an English bulldog? They actual true name for this breed is bulldog and everybody everybody else's another kind of a bulldog. But to distinguish them this is the distinctive jowly face. The swat bud either white shoulders the narrow hips, and what were they bred to originally do. Well, this is all unpleasant. Oh to the English. Yeah. The English did what's called bull baiting? They didn't have TV then have movies to go to didn't know what to do with themselves. So they went to arenas, and they watched animals being killed and one of the things that happened was they sent dogs in to weaken. Whatever animal it was mostly fought dolls. But also bears and monkeys. It was really very dreadful. And it was outlawed in eighteen thirty five at that point. The breed almost died out. And there were few people who've decided to really start breeding them, you know, for sweet temperament, and they always tend to have a kind of nice temperament, right? You know, if you don't over breed them and so on and so forth. So that's why they came from. And that all those cute things like the wrinkles the wrinkles are actually we're actually bred into them because they had to keep the blood from squirting and the animals is so. Yeah. Pretty icky. But what we have. Now is a cute dog. Who's a good family pet? Okay. If if you buy your dog from a good breeder now, you're good breeder is going to cost about the same. If not less many times, then depending on the region what you're going to buy in a pet store. However. Okay. You will get a sound dog. I mean, you will have to wait for this is the biggest problem impulse control. Right. And what are some of the things you should ask about if you are looking for a bulldog? And of course, we want to definitely mentioned that they can be adopted and fostered from you as well. You don't have to buy one definitely things you really need to think about you're saying definitely wear the dog came from right where the dog comes from now. Whatever breed you're looking for the bulldog club of America. Whatever the golden retriever club America, they all have on their websites a breeder referral, and they also have a listing for rescue. So both those things are available. The advantage with a rescue dog is what you see is what you get when you buy a puppy. You don't really know what genetic things he may have. But well by the time, we get them if they're fixable, we fix them. And we know all about the dog when the dog fits into your, home and your supportive, right? Yeah. So if you really wanna puppy, and I do think there's a place in the world for people who can buy healthy good. You know, they wanna puppy, but you start with the breeder referral service on these websites. That are the national breed club websites. Okay. And from there, you do your homework, and one of the things is if the mother isn't on the premises. You gotta have to wonder, okay, the father not so much because today, they use frozen semen and a lot of stuff like that. Okay. But if mom isn't there with the babies, you have to wonder and one of the things about a good breeder? Is that reader will help you? Choose your dog. Most people go into a pet store. Oh, I liked that co. You're right. They have little kids, and they brought home a terribly dominant dog, you know. Hey, all right. Right. So they should definitely take that into consideration. Yeah. Temperament first color next. So we always temperament tested dogs. They live in a home, you know, with with they don't sit in the shelter. They live in a home. So we really know what they're about for the most part. You know, we have a very high retention rate. Because we spend a lot of time on the dogs fixing them up and also finding the the correct home for them. And I really applaud you for that. And I want to talk about how our listeners.

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