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Ality however president trump called it unpatriotic and galvanized public pressure against the nfl trump tells fox and friends that if people don't stand for the anthem quote maybe you shouldn't be in the country at last check on wall street the dow jones industrial average was down one hundred fifty one points at twenty four thousand seven thirty five this is npr this is wnyc i'm shumita basu in new york over the past two decades hundreds of thousands of apartments have been built in new york city but a new study finds that still might not be meeting the demand for new housing wnyc's jessica gould reports anyone who's walked around the city lately knows there's a ton of construction going on but a new report from nyu's furman center says the number of adults in the city and the number of jobs are both growing faster than the number of apartments meanwhile median rents have increased much more than median incomes over the past two decades and homes are getting more crowded the report says moore housing is needed especially for residents with low and moderate incomes the new york city council is considering a new bill that would prohibit the distribution of plastic straws in the five boroughs environmentalists like john kelly with the wildlife conservation society say straws may be small but they can't buy degrade or get recycled actually is a very cost effective way of dealing with this don't use a straw that is the most of course that you don't really need it a spokesman for the plastic industry association says the problem isn't straws it's that people don't dispose of them properly it's a really lovely day out sunny blue skies temperatures getting up to seventy nine degrees tonight mostly clear lows around sixty three tomorrow a similar day but a little warmer even sunny and eighty four degrees then looking ahead to your weekend saturday mostly sunny with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms sunday cooler.

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