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Is sixty two degrees on the thermometer rating to seventy eight this afternoon good morning I'm John off the coach in our top story at nine thirty one things got heated in south Philly yesterday when a group of armed people came out to Marconi plaza to protect the statue of Christopher Columbus joining us live from south Philly right now K. Y. W. Charlotte Reese hi Charlotte Hey John yeah I'm out at Marconi plaza right now and let me tell you there's no weapons or anything but there's discussion happening but it's heated discussion okay I talked to March D. protested a little while ago and he told me that he was out here last night or I guess this morning until about one AM the community center in south Philadelphia okay this doesn't have anything to do with race or you know what's been going on in the news with all this craziness is we're just here to protect our community and these people who were supposed to be protesters are peaceful protesters shorter some of them but they're really not peaceful right in March talking about the Columbus statue which is where this gathering is happening right now and I guess on the other side of that conversation is this man whose name is messiah nothing against its on the community I'm a Charlie myself from German Scottish I'm Porter Rican hybrid it's a brings happiness to the people I think it's great in the controversy of Christopher Columbus is a long one right for many he represents the invasion of indigenous people in America but here in South Philadelphia the argument with the large Italian population is that Columbus is celebrated in their culture so John there is conversation happening this morning no weapons just yet and there is a pretty medium sized police presence down here thank you very much Charlotte Reese on scene for us this morning pools are about to make a splash in New Jersey with new rules in place I'll have more coming up on KYW newsradio but.

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