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Drew and it was also interesting shortness beaches this year. They said really six minutes. We'll give you eight at the most and then we'll start playing off stage. His actually went a little bit his went about eleven and a half and he was really the only one over the entire weekend where they had to start playing the music academy awards style of play him off stage but as credit he did take the cue there and then he He got off stage pretty quickly after that but again this was someone who waited so long for his moment he didn't want it to end and it was not surprising that that he had. I believe the longest speech of everyone that spoke over the weekend. And how much of a tiered. Bring your eyes to see the reconciliation between jerry and jimmy. Well you know behind you gotta be one of the heartwarming story. I feel good story. Jerry jimmy of always been a feel good story. I think everyone can relate but no i. It's interesting there too because jimi again jimmy. The ultimate showman got it. Got it right off the top. Well i know what y'all are here to. What i'm gonna have to say about jerry jones. So we right off the top and does the twist about how much he means to him. And and You know his his his his success. And but it was interesting before jerry. Jones threw a party for the three members who were enshrined over the weekend. Which was cliff harris jimmy johnson andrew pearson. And they were all there at the party and so we're like previous Cop cowboys in the hall of fame. Coaching staff jimmy's coaching staff Other players from those teams I it was really a a star studded cowboys affair and i was struck. I was in there for a little bit before the speeches started. And the first thing i saw when i walked in were jerry. Jimmy were engaged in a conversation very casual very warm and it went on for quite a while and i was struck by how comfortable it was because if they weren't comfortable with each other. They had plenty of outs in that room to go. Look here's stay one st. I gotta talk to him or oh. Here's charles haley. I need talk to him for a second. They truly were enjoying each others company and having a casual Warm conversation and i've been told really over the last five to eight years. You've seen this more. And more behind the scenes they've been at functions together and they've really been able to acknowledge that you know we were young. We were full of bluster. I wanted all the credit. You wanted all the credit. We both did this to ourselves. We were good friends before we achieved people. Didn't that should be good enough and very quickly on. We need to wrap this up. Because i want to get into your trip to carolina For the minor league system and and what you did there but You know jimmy also mentioned this in his speeches well. One of the things he talked about was now that he looks back. He wonders his drive for. Success did not allow him to revel and enjoy the moment. Enjoy that success as much as they should and And that goes along with what Jerry jones was saying at the start of this training camp looking back in like i should have deferred You know it was on me To this relationship. How imploded. So i think both of them have gotten reflective can look back now and acknowledged that we did this to ourselves while also knowing because of their personalities. This was never going to be a long term relationship. This was going to talk about burning. Bright they burn bright but there is no way they could co existed for a long time. Yeah it's the one thing that i'm struck with is just How how many and competitors you speak to down the road and their biggest regret after achieving the pinnacle of their career is. I didn't allow myself to enjoy it more I guess you have to be that laser focused and not able to completely enjoy the moment that you're in in the moment that you're bringing so many people I mean from my perspective of a hundred miles away. It looked like jimmy. And jerry enjoyed it too much and then got into the vanity of. I want the credit for this. And that's what as you said. That's what led to the downfall of the relationship and ultimately probably the decline of the cowboys and very interesting again. We'd need to get on here but it's but that is part of that maniacal drive it takes to be successful on the level that they have done is you can't stop cherish any moment because then you lose that lose that drive then you become satisfied or satisfied. You're losing your edge and everyone else has that edge who hasn't achieved done so that athletes. I hate to say live in fear but fears a big motivation for a lot of them. And it's like if i lose my drive i lose. What makes me special well speaking of losing my drive. That's exactly what happened. When i got to north carolina literally I was a. We decided to think unusual this week and rather than have any stick with the big league club. We thought that the first week of august after all the transition would be really good opportunity to go out and see some of the minor league clubs and get a better feel for exactly where the rangers rebuilding and Got to the avis counter in greensboro north carolina last thursday and presented my car reservation and the agent had.

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