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Caught fire earlier this month at one eighty three and Cameron wrote a rocks in flames once again this morning not only is the second fire at that exact location this month it's also the second fire at a homeless camp of the day shortly before four o'clock this morning to people living in a homeless camp off Stastny lane were rushed to the hospital they are said to have life threatening birds the central health district is being urged to offer housing vouchers to homeless council member and kitchens as many Medicaid managed companies are starting to pay for housing because obviously we all know that when people have a place to live they can recover better or they don't get as sick in the first place and on the heels of news that eleven thousand homeless people got services from central health last year she says it is time to step into the housing game but CEO my gaze on says their focus is and has been indigent healthcare not to say the future boards can come and start looking at this housing voucher but we just haven't gotten into that arena of central health already spent more than twenty five million dollars a year just on home was healthcare all prices continue to creep up across central Texas in Austin average price last month was created eighty four thousand dollars off the board of realtors says that's thirteen percent higher than January of last year but the highest growth has been in Caldwell county or home prices are up sixty two percent from a year ago and the Austin city council is expected to take action today on the Zilker Zephyr train Jordan tools brought up by freshman councilmember page Ellis throughout the city will start negotiations to have the Austin parks foundation manage the park train and should an agreement with the foundation fall through the ordinance also directs city manager Spencer croc to find suitable alternative solutions to keep the ride running with the report due back to council by.

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