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Now. I know there's a whole bunch of conspiracy stuff on the Internet about Bill Gates specifically. I think that's a red herring. I don't think Bill Gates Is I mean he's rich dude but I don't think he has the political agenda. You think he has and this shit is political. This is way bigger than any national country. Any national tribalism. This is way bigger than that. This is a global corporation. And I don't know that we can really Pinata on Bill Gates. Bill Gates is an easy target. Think we have to look bigger when you hear messages? I want you to ask yourself who gains from this. Who gains from making me angry about this who gains from keeping me at home during an election season who gains from US paper voting with a delegate system that was invented based on people needing to be on horseback in an information age where we literally can stay in our homes who benefits from having emergency medical situations who benefits from toxic food. Who benefits from toxic water who benefits from toxic air who benefits from us being sick who benefits from chronic illness cancers viruses people are saying this virus isn't real that it's a hoax it is real people are actually dying so then the question becomes who benefits from genocide from global genocide who benefits from a global medical emergency who benefits from a wall that keeps us in who benefits from us being angry at our families who benefits from UH during an uttering is any language and all language that makes it appear that you are different from anyone else on this planet that you are somehow more holy or more special or belong more who benefits from making certain populations not belong who benefits from making certain populations powerless. Who Benefits from saying? We're the party of family values and then putting caretakers in economic desperation. Who Benefits from that? I mean right now. What I'm seeing is a whole bunch of bird and putting on certain populations because suddenly there are gosh needy people. Suddenly we have to confront the idea that we have vulnerable populations that need care. And there is absolutely no economic support for their caretakers or for the phone rebel and we have family Christian values. Are you joking? I mean I'm looking at people and it's not you know who who's quitting their job or losing their job because they have elderly parents that they need to care for or because people in their family are sick. And what the fuck are we thinking to pretend that? Vulnerable populations don't exist and to pretend that those who care for them have no economic value or economic safety net and then were calling ourselves somehow spiritual or religious or having family values really who benefits from that who benefits from us not aligning in real life with our actual values and belief systems. Who Benefits from that? It is not the fucking liberal media that benefits from that who benefits from you carrying about only one single issue and deciding that all of your values revolve around that. Who is able to manipulate those messages? And then do whatever they want systematically including genocide who benefits from that who benefits from more poverty from less power in the middle class who benefits from that.

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