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As we've been reporting on KCBS Senator Kamla Harris announced her candidacy for the twenty twenty presidential election yesterday morning. She started her career as a prosecutor in Alameda County and is returning home. Sunday to kick off her campaign with a rally in Oakland for more KCBS news anchors. Susan Lee Taylor map Bigler spoke with Jack Pitney, professor of American politics at Claremont McKenna college. I think a lot of people either forget or don't realize that comma Harris was a prosecutor for more than a quarter century before she joined the Senate. How do you think that will affect her attempt to gain the democratic nomination for president? She's already talking about her record as a prosecutor as attorney general of California she worked out only on crime, but on consumer issues financial issues and protection of children. So expect her to be talking a lot about those things during the campaign. How big of a deal is it that here's a person who wants to run for the presidency and about half of the people who report on what she does can't even pronounce her name correctly. What how does that play into the whole name recognition thing? Well as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Kennedy test people eventually learn unusual name, and she'll be she'll become familiar pretty quickly. She does have as Larry Sabato pointed out some significant advantages California's voting early and California is a major source of political money. So she's in a very good position to to raise the punchy. To mount a credible campaign. The question is competition for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party who is a war in the race Kirsten gillibrand possibly bring Sanders and with a progressive wing split several ways necessarily certain that she's gonna have an easy path to the nomination. Professor Pitney when it comes to recognition and people knowing who she is did she gain much from her participation in the cavenaugh hearings. Yes. Among the progressive Democrats. She came across has as strong as our as as berry. As a very. Them values, however, in general election, there are a lot of conservative Republicans who might might take issue with her position. How do you think moderates or even conservatives will feel about comma Harris as a as a nominee for president because she does come from a background of law and order and her prosecutorial experience? Well, I would expect her to be talking about that. Obviously, she starts with a base. So the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, but she is going to cast herself as a practical problem solver somebody who has been a straight of experiences as a district attorney entering general somebody get things done. The question is whether that would be sufficient in general election, two carrier against Donald Trump. As the election season gets going and more and more candidates throw their hat into the ring. What does she need to do? She needs to lay out a unique selling proposition. What distinguishes her first from the other progressive candidates in the race and more generally from other Democrats more overall, and she needs to make the case that she is in a strong position to defeat. Donald trump. There's one thing that unites Democrats across the board his opposition to President Trump. And if she can make the case that she can win in November twenty twenty she has a leg up. That's Jack Pitney professor of American politics at Claremont. Mckenna college.

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