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On. Jackie Robinson, George Patton, Antonin Scalia, Christa McAuliffe, Ronald Reagan. Truman Eisenhower Roosevelt. They don't make the cut. So how whimsical do you get with something like that? How exactly put something together like that? I don't know. Davy Crockett. Daniel Boone. Both make it. Davy Crockett made it. Daniel Boone made it And then the and that's the thing to you. Okay. Thanks. David Crockett. Tangible knows great, but really, really, Because Roosevelt did a lot somewhere. Roosevelt's going. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Well, they're the FDR Memorial in Washington. You didn't mention that That's one of the newer memorial. I don't recall. That's beautiful. Wow. Yeah, And it's very large. I mean, it's cancer. Yeah. No. Lincoln Jefferson Washington. You know they got what's two and one for him, too. And then you know, you can just imagine to get into the politics of things like men. Women black white Republican Democrat, you know, just have to be military veterans and politicians. There could be people in the arts really Well, what if they rode her? Said something he didn't like one day. Kanye. I'm not sure you're going to get in there. Kanye West announced over the weekend that he's running for president because he's got a new album coming out, and he has a new line of clothing at the gap that's going to come out. He signed a 10 year deal with Gap Worth. They expect it to do a $1,000,000,000 in sales, so he's like, Okay, What can I do, Teo? I'm running for president. And then the Internet took note of that and and invested way too much conversation in that, too. I saw actually Cem posts about that, and I ignored them because I thought they were just in reference to a few years ago when he made that announcement, right? And I didn't think much of it. And then it just kept happening and kept seeing more and more posts. And then I started to question it more. But I still didn't care enough to look into because he's annoying. God bless you for not clicking through. LF Garris, our friend Mark Baser, who does a show on Channel 11? Wass tweeting about it over the weekend, and he said Don't take it seriously. Don't waste time on it. And then put another tweet out saying Don't take it seriously. And don't waste time on the people that are taking it seriously and wasting time on it, And then he tweeted. Oh, wait. I'm doing it exactly. Um Let's see here. Say it again. Let's start with Brian. You're on. W G N Brian, What can I do for you? You're on the air. Hey, First I've been sending me all I just wanna thank you for the last couple months. You've just been outstanding the whole station nine today. You've all done you and reading and lesson planning about all of us. Owe your town your home. Yeah. Yeah, I've been and I'm also working on finishing up the dissertation. Believe it or not, this was a crazy time to try and do that, Um, you have something else say before you say all of that. So what grade do you teach? I teach seventh grade social studies, man. So are you done doing two kinds of lessons plans Digital Virtual one and an in person, one. Yeah. You know, I was one of those features on March 13th. I handed the kids of paper packet and just said work on this just in case and just in case happened, And so I I got into some platforms that really were helpful. I think the night the last nine weeks was really transformative and what we did, We did flip a switch. Everyone was amazing. I mean, we were were on call all the time. I mean, it was Helping kids go through some stuff at seven o'clock at night. For us. It was that last nine week unit it was the build up to the civil War in the Civil War and reconstruction. So there was a lot of moving parts and pieces, but Now what I did was I took the better part of June and just did a skeleton of the textual material and then worked in formative and Summit of assessment in different ways. If we're in the room will do it This way from not Bloom will do it this way. And do you want to go back to the classroom? I want to go back in a way that is that is good for everyone. I don't want anyone to feel afraid. I want to be as positive as I can. I miss it. I miss them. But I don't want anyone to er to not be comfortable and that's going to be difficult. But we'll do it. We'll give it our best shot. What else is on your mind this morning? You hit you hit a great one. I am married to a wonderful Korean individual who's never gotten to see that memorial on one of the things I could wait to tell her was about that memorial when I went with my eighth grade students About 10 years ago, I had my students do something that they didn't know those soldiers. If you walk around that pyramid, if you if you do this, there's at least one sold. You're looking at you and then that amazing and one of them. Yeah, their eye on you. And then when you get to the tip of that V and this is why I started to get emotional and think of her and show her father lost his whole family in the north when he was 13 years old. And I thought of him instantly when there is a bouquet of flowers that that apex sent from a small town of Korea once a week to thank us for our help. Think about that. I'm really glad you called. And lucky. The students that have somebody with your energy. It's nice of you to call in. And thanks for listening, Brian. Okay. Thank you All. Thank you. I'll pass along your kind words to the staff. I think the gang has been working hard to try and figure out how to best. Manage the crisis, but also take your mind off of the crises. You know, we have the cove in numbers. We have the crime numbers in Chicago. Koven numbers aren't bad Steve Girls manage. That is Sunday's death toll. I'm seeing you mentioned this the Tribune and sometimes we're talking about this..

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