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CBS did a great piece on it. Let's listen in Maury Tobin was facing the possibility of years in prison for securities fraud, but he had to get out of jail free card reportedly telling investigators about a Yale University coach who was willing to take a bribe and that led to the largest college admissions scam in the nation, Mr. ten he goes after I'm Goldstein tracks and down and runs after this guy tobe and takes office shoes and high tails it and he used faster than than in our our boy Goldstein, Mr. Tobin can talk with you. Mori Tobin wasn't talking. What do you think about all this? You've started, sir. Walking in his Larchmont neighborhood trying to avoid reporters like me. Mr. Tobin who are coming to the door of his multimillion dollar mansion. Our long swim Tobin is reported. Let's Tobin on a YouTube just finished our long swim. Tobin is reportedly the man who blew the whistle on the college admission scam. According to the AP while he was being questioned by the feds about an investment scheme. Tobin offered a tip to obtain leniency. He told investigators the head women's soccer coach at Yale University. One of the bribe in order to get Tobin's daughter into the school. That led investigators to Rick singer who pleaded guilty this week to running one of the largest college admissions scams in the nation. Sources say Tobin wore a wire when he met with Yale coach Rudi Meredith afterwards Meredith agreed to cooperate with the feds and allegedly led.

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