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Little ads therefore sports x radio katie wn but you can go to amazon i know that's where i got it that's one of the places joe is gonna come on he'll talk about the magazine this again it's not a magazine it's a book and is a power five conference book but like i say you know when when i start getting the college football minds between joe lisi brad powers who will be back on the show on friday and brad's got his stuff that he's working on that he's getting all done and then i've got the you know the andy iskoe's of the world coming on i mean we get you ready for college football there's no doubt about an end the friday football fiasco which will be you know coming back we'll get that first college edition right there at the end of august and we roll on through so on friday nights we will break down every single college and pro game against the vegas number now we have to go to you know pretty pretty brisk speed there to get all the games in but we'll hit them on i mean somehow someway we always touch on something we'll get little tidbits on all of it i don't care if it's the mac the sunbelt the mountain west conference we get them in there as long as it's vision one football as far as you know having line games you know that's pretty much what we do and we go down and we'll try and get you the weather the best we can you know what it's going to be and again you can not always trust a weatherman but we'll get you that forecast and the injuries we stay up on top of that if their stores or key guys coming in off the bench that is key as well as you're getting ready for your prognostication as far as trying to make a little coin or just to enjoy the action itself doesn't always have to be about the game within the game which is what we call it here in the silver state and that's why you know we live out here because we don't have to use those disclaimers like throughout the years like era for entertainment purposes on every member doing the show in california like yeah you.

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