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For Doherty racing. This year, we're going to do that too. But I figured this would help it was just a joke. There's a lot. Got it. I got an also we have a driver spotlight from William Byron. So you see if it's Jimmy Johnson. It's a bonanza if it's anybody else. It's just a spotlight. I understand now. Yeah. See, that's that's my thinking. How do we rank bonanza of spotlight though, what determines which ones higher? We say. At bigger we add some echo later on in post production. And that's why it's bigger, right? So that's the one thing we won't be persimmon ass- about is the the echoing. That's good. It'll be more like driver spotlight. William byron. Yeah. Something like that. Right. So that's that's what you have to look forward to on the show now that we've wasted like five minutes of the intro. We haven't gotten to anything. So like, you mentioned J J TD or racing is gonna have a bunch of different paint. Schemes this season for both of their cars driven by Chris butcher. And Ryan Preece seven different themes all related to the Kroger supermarkets and their various services didn't know supermarkets had various services, but all right? Butcher said quote. I'm really excited to showcase our brands and a really unique marketing approach the season on the number. Thirty seven Chevrolet Camaro z l one end quote, right? And there's a bunch. Now. I don't correct me if I'm wrong. This doesn't seem all that revolutionary. This is how target that did things. Well, yeah. But this is target did this. But they would just have target on the car with light little logos. All around it. This is a total like different marketing deal seven times throughout the year. The way they're going to do this seven different months. They're doing a bunch of different possible things you could do groceries around the store, which kind of cool. I think I except for the fact that when I go to interview drivers in this case, Chris butcher and Ryan priests. I usually ask them for a liner. You know? Hi, this is Chris butcher..

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