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Florida, Jones, Philadelphia discussed on Morning Edition


Movement communications director Steven Hamlin says they got bad information but he says it's the message that's important Hamlin says sunrise hopes to motivate young people so they'll elect climate focused candidates next year we are trying to register thousands of voters in Pennsylvania and around the country and twenty twenty and and to make sure they turn out and a big part of that is having candidates and and Democratic Party show that they're willing to fight for the issues that young people care about the green new deal is the focus for the sunrise movement the proposal would speed the country's transition away from fossil fuels and it aims to remake the economy by guaranteeing people good paying jobs and healthcare last November was the first time many people heard of sunrise that's when the group's activist occupied house speaker Nancy Pelosi's office Andrew high profile support from newly elected representative Alexandria because your Cortez the sunrise movement comes at just a perfect moment for them to get a lot of attention Anthony Liza which says director of the Yale program on climate change communication he says more Americans see climate change is something that is happening now and harming people at the same time lies with says the most liberal democratic voters the party's base rank the environment and climate change as their top issues behind only health care and that's never been the case for either political party in American history where climate change was truly one of the top priority voting issues and now nearly every democratic presidential candidate has a detailed climate change plan and most say they support the green new deal sunrise leaders plan to maintain momentum by building an activist infrastructure that includes so called movement houses in key swing states like Pennsylvania and Michigan at a row house in West Philadelphia piece of Florida's Jones is grading zucchini for a vegan dinner shall share with six house right.

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Florida, Jones, Philadelphia discussed on Morning Edition

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