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Yes, I think you had it was drinking out of a fire hose you somehow It's almost like you manage it the way Aaron Boone's managed the Yankees. You might have an a roster, but you managed it to a D execution because it just became too much on top of each other. And that prompted it to not be good. No, there's no way you could grade it out and say it wasn't good. There's just no way. All of the jokes were well, still, let's say 85% of the jokes are really good. Some of them as you said, we're special. I didn't stumble over myself. All of the highlights hit at the right time. There was information and the resume. Er it can't be considered bad. All right, So it wasn't much fun. Yeah, I think we're just getting bogged down in all words reusing to describe and bad Are they mean something? It wasn't what it could have been. Because it was too extra. Let's play the second clip from yesterday's Canadian Bacon. But the hidden gem will be third liner cases. His Zika sauce best on red light, Giro's in power play souvlaki who indirectly produce the best sound bite of this year's playoffs. Other than the bayou bears. This is facts. Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy gave indoor lacrosse fans across the country and the chain gang at Levittown Peewee football games, music to their ears, and we're not talking Billy Joel at the Garden for the 67th time. I think they sell a narrative over there that, um It's more like the New York Saints, just like their New Orleans brethren. These saints are eating W using complaining about the wrecks. The Saints had production from all different to cyp lines. All different..

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