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In nineteen twenty six. He was giving a reading for Morton Blumenthal, who was a Jewish businessman. He built the Casey hospital. Yeah. Actually had more readings than anybody else. He had four hundred sixty eight readings and six and a half years and they're asleep on the couch. All at once Casey's voice deepened, the came very powerful. According to Gladys who took the knows it was like, a booming voice in the room and all at once a voice who identified himself as the archangel Michael started. Speaking through said that much of the work that Casey was doing was to help humankind on his path and the reading the readings themselves suggests that the work of the case material would eventually changes thought of humankind. And I think that certainly has happened in terms of the new age movement new sought people having a new sense of what spirit is really all about. Now he started talking about fallen angels in some of his trance states readings. What was that all about? Well, he has a very different perspective on what some people might refer to. The devil or hell or fallen angels. And really the idea was you know, so much of. All the major religions of the world really talk about one God that there's this one God. And yet so much of religious thought is more dualistic where there's equal than opposing forces of good and evil. That is not Casey's perspective Casey's perspective was that. Once God turned us. Loose on the universe is souls. We started working with own free will. And eventually we started choosing things that were out of accord with spirit, you might say things that were evil or things that were selfish. And it was that that point that a group of angels committed and said, you know, what we will usher in this fallen humankind group. No matter how long it takes. We'll make sure they only get into so much trouble. And so from Casey's perspective of fallen angels. But some religious people might call the devil's actually chose of their own free will to usher in humankind. They got off the path. And so we created evil. In other words, it wasn't that there's a devil trying to make us do. Bad things is that once humankind started doing things out of a court of spirit. The jelly Graham said, okay, we will fall after them to make sure they don't do get into so many bad perspectives. Did he deal at all with the much with the anti Christ? He talked about the anti Christ. And I've actually given ho workshops on the book of revelation and lots of people are really impact for eleven years. He gave readings on the book of revelation. And when I tell people that end up of revelation, the word anti Christ is not mentioned there's no word antichrist's in the revelation. It's only used in the pixels of John..

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