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Speaking of people regularly regarded as second class citizens. It's the Bob and Sheri Show with Bob. I'm not here to be consistent. I'm going to be Bob and Sheri Argue with that and now broadcasting from the palatial bothered Sherry Studios Bobbins Sherry and Bob will be here momentarily. He's running a little bit late today. So we're just without him because the show is beginning whether we're here or not you'll never guess who's going to be on the show today. The actual living breathing walking talking legend. Barry Manilow is going to join us in the next hour of the show. I don't even know how this happened. Todd was like Barry Manilow Said WE WANNA call him at his apartment in New York today and I was like. Yeah we want to call Barry manilow apartment in New York so we'll be on it a little bit and as we were coming in. Here's our CO worker. Double Am who had texted me a couple of nights ago that he was playing music at an Irish is it a feis affects. Yes fash back as a fash. Fashion is It's Gosh what is it? It's like your news. Traditional Irish dance Gathering against Irish dancers there. There were special shoes and the big hair and everything. Yeah yeah none of them were me so. I was wondering decisions. Yeah I play traditional Irish Tenor Banjo so I was I was the musician. So you guys were playing and the Dan the. I've been to dance competitions where Irish dancers compete. Sure that is. That's what that is some hard demanding dance. It's fascinating yeah. It's it's hard to play. It's hard to dance but It's IT'S FUN. It's it's good pub music and It it's what a party. So how many how? Many musicians. In how many dancers seven musicians we had and their head to beat. Gosh maybe five hundred answers plenty dancers. Yeah you're like you're like my dance mom front. Is that a good thing. That's a good thing. No one no one else in this building has any idea what it's like to be a dance mom. Now you were there with five hundred Irish dancers dancing. I guess as playing well so yeah. You never learned how to do that. That whole like Lord of the Dance River dance thing. Oh now I need to send you a picture but No I pretended wants to. But the I'm not a good dancer. Musician Negu Dancer And does your does your daughter does she? Do are standing there not into it. No you know. It's always the way with your family and the people you marry. Yeah it is. Yeah it's never into what you're into. Its whenever I'm practicing. My daughter has one of her friends over. And they'll all ask you which your dad doing you know and it's just really it's just dad so just ignore him so it's really weird to her even though like the whole. Mumford and sons thing. That didn't get you anything you got me. Nothing can get me. Nowhere gabby nowhere. It's so uncool to them. It is just really embarrassing. It's embarrassing yeah. It's it's nothing that you want to show off in front of your daughters France now sometimes when you play at a Do you wear traditional Irish clothing. Like from the day give little knickers or I don't know. Now it's it's your every day we can close so it's it's pretty a pretty boric and do you sing to. I don't now any by have I have on occasions I have. I'm not a good singer so WMD mean to tell me that even when your daughter was younger and Saint Patrick's Day was rolling around in fourth grade. Even then your gifts were not appreciate it. I was just always just dorky dead yet. That is so cool to her and now she's seventeen is even worse is worse it's worse. Yeah I just that's not anything. She's connected his just now. I grew up in pub- though for some reason I thought it was always pretty cool so I grew up in a very traditional Irish home. A group After Church we've been all go to pub- cousins when play the family? Play my family my wife and daughter they think is just obnoxious so they just they hate it. We can't figure out what it is About humanity that causes us to be attracted to and debris with people that find the things we enjoy completely stupid but everyone I know you max. Bob Probably Ed's over there going. Yeah Yup Yup. Do they think stupid. It doesn't matter what it is like. I love to cook. I mean I love to cook and this is my husband who by the way if I turn my back on them for a minute. We'll eat a can of sausages and drink the juice out of these disgusting right. This is my husband. I love to cook. You have landed a woman who loves to cook. And here's my husband. I don't live to eat. I eat to live well if you eat to live wise that can of sausages in your mouth. Because that's not how you're gonNA live. No yeah I I can't cook. I can't Cook to save my life and that's just not anything I'm going to be good at. I know that I can't microwave heating right you are you have a specialized and unique talent and no one in your family appreciates it. But I'll go and we'll play in planning. A couple of sessions wishes music sessions. Planning a couple of sessions a week in the crowd of going nuts. So they're crowded love it. They'll be one hundred people. Two hundred people in POB and everybody would be cheering yelling. But when I go home I geek just to my wife and daughter. It is so on cool and see here. I was thinking. You must've one your wife's heart with that tenor Banjo action in a pub. Chicago but apparently not lord of the Tenor Ben. I tell you what even her that my in laws there. What Dill Kiki? We think it's so cool way cool. It's Bobby Sherry us. The talk back to teach on the free and Sherry APP and leave us a message. Happy Day before Valentine's Day Bob's running a little bit late. He should. He should be here any minute now. so we were just talking with our CO worker double. Am who had has to go to work now. But we made him stay back because during the break he was telling us about what his parents were like and when he was a kid. His Dad would buy a differently. Pos Car every month. And did he liked to fix them up. Was He at Tinker. Now these cars he he would buy. He would never buy a car. That was more expensive than five hundred dollars and they would breakdown than he would. Just buy another one rather than spend any money to fix it was. It's the old school by with cash so it was a fluid neighborhood that we grew up in. So then you would just pull in with this beater and God forbid you enrolled on the windows because the felt would come down from the ceiling and it's like a A parachute in the back. Just mean smoke blown out of it. Oh can you remember? What's the longest one of those cars last? It was in about a month or two and a couple of months. Yeah it was a couple of months. It was so embarrassing when Your Dad would come and pick you up with your friends and pull up in this one after another. Yeah there was this one car that he bought. He bought it for fifty dollars. All right so in when you take a left the steering wheel would only go so far so then he would have to back up and then just key and then dry Ford them. Back up and drive forward and cars would be beeping and it was Bar Fifty Bucks. One door opened in that car and it wasn't the driver's side so he had to get in the back of the front sees. Yeah it was an old plymouth also I have to say I'm super impressed. That for fifty bucks. It had an engine. It ran fine. It just didn't turn so he could turn to the right but not to the left where he couldn't really turn in any direction any direction. Yeah so it was. It was pretty bad. What was your mom's position on all of this? She ignored it I think she ignored it in in the car. Had to get parked in the back of the The the garage. So it's actually the recipe for. I think a happy marriage if you if you are able to ignore.

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