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This is a funny topic ron perlman wanted the world to know that he's he's klay from from sons of anarchy right and hell boy i think about a bunch of things looks like he wanted everyone to know that it was one time where he met what's his face harvey weinstein and he was told you gotta go shake harvey weinstein's hands so before that e went and pissed on his hand and then shook harvey weinstein it's like but you have piss on your hands because he pissed on it like the big joke is that harvey weinstein has pistol over hands but so do you your own pisses sterile i mean it's much better than someone else's pissed i get that but like it's still your pillory ron problem and looks like a guy who's been covering p timer to cares about his own piss on his not even close i guess not but you understand my logic of like you got piss in but soda you dude i got us your pets i never even on the rundown we're talking about girls to ring dog piss i'd much rather have my own p pm i own hands like by accident every every day day like a full blast but like a little bit a little bit a lot of it is like pretty much your own fits like one percent literally every single day i mean you should learn how to piss better you're like shaking and you get a drop or two here and there just kind of that happens once in a while for the most part all my pee into toilet or the but still not my hands that's about them after you definitely in the wild move and then i mean to lift the seat i mean probably not gonna happen what can you do you do that we thought this i love this by race leaving it's a savvy move should side of the show like that this is a joke every time we do this attitude i get this job classic right actually andrew shot at the andrew who where i sat down he just handed me the glasses and gave me kind of oh sorry i was gonna buddy i mean yeah listen at the end of the day ronn pie like yeah all right you got me but i think you both have hands now but good for him because she got any what what else can you do in that situation like get your point across that i don't like you we'll see if he pissed directly on his hands then i'd be impressed my tournament risky together that is true harvey's probably wildly because like you i guess he's the only one that knows that harvey weinstein has his business more now so yeah if you personal satisfaction exactly right and you shake guys it's wet and you think it's pissed you know i wash it was street i dr doesn't count them yeah drive does nothing yeah it's gotta be like oh you got home like a puddle yeah splashes if you just happen to pee on your hands like earlier in the day and then shook havi again that's like every hand i've ever shake nothing the puddle in the left hand dipped where you did shake grab with oh that's a zero a little bit today we got bagel boss sent to the office very savvy move by the biggest islanders slash john tomorrow's fan on the planet the bagel boss frankie borelli comes in here and he just starts challenge not understanding that the bagel boss is his full blown enemy what is happening he wants to be able to get the shot zas doing a great job i mean the fact that frankie does not think he's at odds with the bagel boss he was like i never had a problem with the bagel boss we we're on the same team here many what nobody is clearly was shot at frankie by delivering food he was run he's running his mouth about how i don't believe what the bagel bosses doing they're at odds they're at war is the worst pr i've ever then you say everyone with gluten trying to kill the wrong side of every one of these listen borelli's is fine establishment we don't need to to drag the good name brel anymore but you personally eating that is a crazy antibig boss or anti tunafish bagels i enjoy eating tuna fish bagels in the morning i ate the bagels to there's nothing wrong with saying that what i.

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