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Two hours after that that him and him in iowa wrapping up and somebody drove by some girls. And a guy like joe. Ed lee come out like what the fuck. It's time to get out of here. Everything was pointing that direction. You know lee was making good money. You know we were doing good things together. But we weren't happy. We just weren't happy. you think. lee. Just mysteriously lost andrea pounds. He was just carried. That was the only way he was suppressing. What he was feeling he was in pain from what. I'm getting from this therapist hours in pain at first i was like i think this lady's crazy but then i started looking. I started looking at the lives at comics have to live and the way these agents remember being over his shooting the fucking soprano movie and these agents kept calling me. So what do you want to do about this date. What he wants to do about this date. I don't wanna do nothing. i just miss you. Soprano movie that's what's in front of me. That's what fuck in front of me. Let me tell you something for you. Young comics. I'm going to be the best advice in the world and i'm thinking of writing a book on the fucking subject. Stay an open mic as much as you can wear that label and wear it proudly where that open mic label proudly go out have a great time. Drink do drugs. Get you dick sucked. That's what it means to be an open mic to get into comedy. Get your click together. Get you four or five guys. You live and breathe for like. I hadn't seattle with josh wolff. And brody tena minu and you know we just had a home. Little fucking click. That's comedy that's real comedy. That's comedy from the heart. You make fifty dollars. You barely pay your rent as as as miserable as that lifestyle sounds. It's so much fun. I had a great time. In seattle is an open mic slash beginning to feature act. And let me tell you some. I had a great time when i got to the store. I mean knock on wood. She passed me had a great time. It was where i belong. I was having a great time. Then they pay fifteen dollars a spot guy but it's a college you're learning. I'm following paul mooney. I'm talking to rogue and i met dice. I mean all this was great. You know all those early movies had a great time getting them. Nobody wanted to talk to me as a stand up fuck you. I'm you're not gonna stop me. You know just because you don't like my stand up to dirty. I do this with my hand all. We can't put him in montreal. Fuck you. I never wanted to be a part of that and i didn't know it. I remember bobby. Slayton inviting me to montreal. He said. I'll sneak into the dirty show. I took a flight to detroit. And i was going to connect from detroit. I was sneaking the canada. Try there was a comic. That had a showing candy. Said he gave me in. I could get the montreal on my own. And i'll never forget waking up and going. I'm not going to montreal. I was invited. I'm going to go up down. Like a desperado and go on stage and try to do what what am i gonna get from going up there this. What am i missing. If they don't want me there. I don't fucking belong there and i'll never forget like the call on the airline and go. Listen i'm not going to fuck but my friend on forget about my going why i said i'm not talking gone and i remember that. That was a comedy club down. The corner was an african american. Comedy club named cocoa's comedy club. And i walked in there and i listen. I'm here for a couple of days. Do you mind if i pop. And she was cool as fuck. She let me pop in to meet some brothers. It was a great three days. There was a lot better than me going montreal. Because i didn't belong at and then when i went to la listening you people forget was in two thousand nine. After i got married i was done i was done. I'd seen it for what it was. I moved into the valley had friends that were gonna put me in that tv shows. I got a call from greg garcia last week. I'm going to pittsburgh. in september to shoot. three episodes of his show with cristina. p. is in. It is new shelf amazon. You know. I have friends that a writers and i'll just take spoons whenever they call me up and go you wanna play a fucking rape. I'm in what do i fuck. It's three days. I get insurance and i eat my see some people and that's all i wanna fuck and do but no. The podcast revolution came in. I got into and yes. It was very interesting. I i it was very funny but i think my me putting my heart on the line and telling you everything about me donaldson. Ten years later people started taking that and using it against me and emails and videos. You got these guys. Now that have shows based on what people say and they analyze you and meanwhile they don't even have a fucking talent. They can't even play the fucking flute. They can't even play a fucking cowbell. And that judging you. So i don't know what the fuck has happened to comedy. What the fuck but one conclusion came out of this week. I don't want to be involved in that no more. I'm going to put up regular fucking tweets. now. I can put up. Lick my balls sniff. My asshole i don't have to worry about fucking dates. Am i saying i'm not gonna do comedy again. No i'm not saying that. I'm not doing comedy that style no more. I'm not doing comedy that style trying to figure out what to do with my life and the agents. I'm acting were doing a podcast on tuesday. We signed the contract for the fucking book up to chapter nine. We got till march of twenty twenty two to handle it in because there's so much fucking material with doing an audio book so i have so many other things going on plus the maintain. I'm a father to a little girl this week. I had to do something that i thought. I'd never have to do wednesday. I don't know what was going on upstairs. All i know is i went upstairs and my wife was crying on the bet. And what happened. And she's just went off on. You know she cleans catch shit and all this other shit..

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