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The united liberal party radioprograma really take on issues that are national world and sometimes you get a chance to talk about state and local matters which is what we're doing today with our guest katie grimes she's an investigative journalist she spends a lot of our time working in the halls of sacramento she most recently came out from the dark with a brand new book was released on september 9th call california's war against donald trump who wins who loses she authored that with co author james v alesi who is the also the author of what was attacked us of ornia yeah so congratulations on that you can follow her work on flash report dot org and also on the revamped website by tom delba caro called political vanguard katie your book is it's timely it hasn't i mean he was timely for the past couple of years it's time we now ta tell tell us what it is that did you readers will get by exploring the pages of your new book well on yemen i have to take a look at what's going on in california right now been going on in california that up at a time and um you know really analyze it that one hundred forty five putting out in a hundred and hate it though y bribing yet as arming reader and california with back about what's really going on in california beautifully now california political elite lake laws that world for others but again without and and they're thumbing their nose at the president trump doing lots of political grandstanding and that being hurt by most of it well i think we all know the answer to that and to your point i i think that there is a better if it the media in the entertainment industry didn't have a doublestandard they'd have no standards at all machine the latest example of that hollywood which in your article the power teaming industries crumbling you're very first sentence hollywood is imploding before our eyes there's nothing more hypocritical that in industry that you know decries the conservatives war on women and yet wages the real war on women held behind closed doors and does he asked licitly with the woman who seems to be one of the major enablers of that hillary clinton whose husband wages a war on women now we find out her political support you know.

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