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Lot of rapids. They have torches they come after you with torch screaming they see you stupid monkey. Why don't you say no? LISTEN IF I said no they give me vitamins and make her live long. Want you to live dude. I hate this thing. You'd be living longer but you wouldn't be in that job so you might like living. Yeah it's impossible for me. The only thing about my life visit. Don't have family anyone anyone. They all died in. Nobody will get money like that. Most humans like that. I don't know at most humans like I don't talk to many thank you look. I don't think I've ever said this on the show Giuseppi Spaghetti before but I agree with you. I think you should die. You're so tired like this show is moving at such a brisk clip and then you came on. Just you're dragging the energy down so I think you should just die but I do have a suggestion. Chris over here doesn't have a job okay he. He's decided through heavy meditation in Environmental Camp that he wants to have a job. Oh yeah it'd be cool to earn. You have a job that you don't want and you bake nick. Did I totally like jump in if you have. Recipes are not allowed to read right. You're not allowed to to read or write. Nobody meter you alright. They said you're not allowed or no one taught you know very tired of me. They said you're not allowed. Okay so both and they said if udorn three arrive we we toss you into public. I must be so hard. We're on as you're going to the public. This is where you want. No the public. The public is making New York Komo private decayed during birthday party Look I all I'm saying is like you don't even know what have to know auto bake I take over his job. I'd be happy to step in. And you know what honestly would help you boundaries if what is battering boundaries are like we have them around our country's walk ought we can places strong another's interesting ones like skin. Skin skin is weak in some places. It's strong and other places like the bottom of your souls stronger autumn of the Benji seat over your feet. Yeah but you can also use bands to make you feel comfortable like when I walked in. I saw Sarah. It was totally nude and it is making me very uncomfortable so very politely I said. Can you please change this screens. I'm not seeing your naked body. And she said no Seattle Shia boundaries. So I got I tell my customer. Hey you must let me go to the bathroom. Where are you going to? The bathroom must wear giant cloth diaper to be giant. If you're just a cloth diaper no must be giant must fit my whole day is oh so. You're being several times that is like you wouldn't be safe with other baked goods. I I don't know what to do. I tell them I'm peeing as we speak will tell them to stomach snake was happening and they understand this. Although they don't already they got AH. That's better than dying moved to Palm Springs. Yeah Augusta Fun either. Nobody is secure. Nobody find me the Cape Jack spinks checking you in down America's droopy Dick. No one likes it and now what are the core. The Nets Soda Springs. Let's ask Sara Sara Siri Siri. What are the coordinates for Palm Springs to die? There's some information. Just tell me Fox Palm Springs Palm Beach Cheat Feet Palm Beach to tell me to Florida. You should go there and then nobody looked for me. No by look for you I will look for. I don't even know. How am I look just to kind of check down that job opportunity? Yeah Yours I I think you should die. Die Right now personally I'd be happy to assist you and I think Chris I think you should take over the job. Can we do that. Can do a job swap here. Where you become unemployed Chris you become the baker occur? How it though that what seed dress? The one One is only cafe on the street. There's no street name if there is I can read okay but you can number late neighborhood. Wine is the only number that Oh yeah ones this stick in La. Oh so go to Sicily find one and then you know y'all know chainsaw NATO for lease you must you must do your catchphrase. Hey Okay no pass no please Alabama's passport go if I don't have a job to pay It's a vicious circle. Just happy you'RE GONNA have to go back. No please please give you okay. My Year's earnings user just sticks. I've got five. Pay You and sticks the five state I mean look is is bad enough. They're paying you in sticks. They're only giving you five to one eighth of a sticker. Put a piece three this money. This is manning. Oh it's not really money I mean they need to be paying actual money for this. This is a scam. He's just get out of it. I have a friend. She's great in video production action and she's offered Chris over here a job. Shadowing an apple box. Oh no apples. We can use a food. uh-huh triggered triggered. Okay I'm going to guide you through a quick Meditation Fun Picture My aunt John. Okay picture her walking into a recovery rooms trying to find a higher power and she finds a man and she safe and until you let it all out off now say just having this is going to be an issue for you if you. I can't mention any food items ever again it's GonNa trigger even the word that I just use. Od F. O.. D. is one of your. That is the snow college humor. Oh but if you if you can't even if that's that's gonna I mean we normally humans we you know how many Times Sarah Nine ten twenty times a day. You got to dig out nine. I choice because all the laws out Rod feel bad. Tell from your voice I I'm I'm going back the other way. I think you just need to die. Is there anything we can do to assist you in this. I mean he throw anything every. Throw anything okay. It might've might've Kleenex box office or hard to kill. ooh Nothing Bill Delaney. Shoot me find a gun to make a gun and I bought a bunch on nine eleven. Okay here's one. I think penetrated the skin. I dipped it made in the bulletin pig's blood. No it Amanda Miskin stronger anger. What how to live forever? Oh man this is like a twilight zone episode episode as like a real thing the thing about the one where the where You Think I. It's certain people attacking an earthling but it turns out that earthlings are attacking giant woman on a love that proves earthlings are strong ought to throw in the week down. Look I mean. I certainly didn't book this guest in order to prove to you that earthlings are very tough to kill but and this is certainly not rica in disguise. Were tipped off to the fact that you are an alien by your email address. Overlord Lord at x t dot Com. This is not. What's going on? No but earthlings are tough to kill even when they're old and we you can want to die you can't die and so taking over taking over the earth is just going to be impossible so so if there were any aliens out what they're hiding behind the moon they may as well take off. Just fuck right off back to their home planning to kill. That's not helping. You're giving them inspiration kind of sad that she left. It felt like me inherit totally vibrating. Really Yeah I didn't get that set from you wanting to turn the wanting us to turn the monitor around attracted reacted to go now. I feel like skype delusional. Maybe not as delusional as some of the guesses. Sir Been on this show but yeah. Most delusional guest edited out later. Let's see first. Guest was Tomlin in an Rob Hubel. I'm just going to go through episode by episode. That's okay they probably not also Thomas Lee. I mean I don't know let's see second guesses. Kevin Neal N.. Look you don't have time for this. I can't just do the mental Rolodex here but By the way Rica you can drop the. Oh my God okay. That was Rica. Yeah Yeah so sorry. That was an example of a college humorous and a great one. We'll look we're running out of time here and Sarah's no longer with us we only have one final feature on the show and that is a little something called plugs.

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