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Local domino's store i got my kid in the back seat but i'm away more concerned about the twelve inch sausage i have a automatic thing on my passenger seat where the passengers sitting there at my belt and a few weeks ago i bought enough pizza that activated and in my car's defense i paid a lot for that pizza i probably should buckle it in fair enough fair enough car we don't wanna lose any great tasting pizza to a pothole ruining a wonderful meal said russell winder president of domino's usa how does a pothole after fuck up your visa that you away your hit the pothole the pizza flips in over end because you live in roger rabbit but okay it might affect pizza aesthetically could still could say daniel tiger says that even if it's mushy it still tastes good right domino's cares too much about its customers and pizza to let that is not true if they if they care about me they have a funny way of showing it domino's is already worked alongside for municipalities to help prepare rose says kreis those include barton ville texas milford delaware athens georgia and burbank california customers interested in nominating their town for paving grant from domino's.

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