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So this business has done a really good job of being aggressive with their marketing and spending a lot to be able to drive the collective awareness now i don't know if are profiting on that advertising but i do know that when you get a customer and they come back it increases the amount of multi subscribers it increases the amount of people talking about it like i'm talking about it right now it increases the amount of word of mouth it increases the amount of other products that they come back and purchase so if you look at it from the life cycle of a customer and you're willing to spend all the up front profit that you would get on advertising that is when you will have a breakthrough brand so that one little clear differentiator plus aggressive marketing is what has made four sigmatic a multimillion dollar business selling powder coffee i've no idea what their costs are i don't know what four sigmatic beans so it's not like their profit margins are huge because his look a sixteen dollar product and it's not like the name is just so good that it drives people to become customers they've just executed well and knacks what it takes to build a multimillion dollar business if you've been hearing about these kinds of case studies and you've seen what we do here on the show and other fruit vaseline podcasts and wondering how do i actually start one of these businesses we new people through a boot camp that will get you to select source and sell your first product so that you have that first step towards your million dollar business in in process and then we can put you through our strategy to take him at twelve million dollar business we do that boot camp it's on the called the brand builder camp you can go over to freedom bassein dot com slash boot camp to start your path to.

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